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Nerves are kicking in!!!

I'm pregnant with my first baby and OMG!!!! I'm getting soooooo nervous. These last few days I've actually had time to visit a few baby stores and it's been so overwhelming.  I currently have custody of my 7 month old niece, which I've had since she was 2 months. I had only a couple of hours to prepare for her arrival and I've done great....I've had 6 months so far to prepare for my baby girl....and I'm just so nervous.

Re: Nerves are kicking in!!!

  • Ditto. I hit the halfway point and realized the tickers are only going to keep counting down, and the last 4 months (after my BFP) have just flown by. Plus we haven't started any baby shopping, and that freaked me out so bad I went and bought a matching bib and sock set (jack o' lanterns) like that's helping me be any more prepared. LOL
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  • I was pretty freaked out last time, but to be honest, I didn't actually need most of what I bought. Once ds was here, it wasn't about the stuff he needed. He needed me. Try not to worry too much. It'll be great. 
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  • I keep thinking to myself, it's less than half of the time left for LO to arrive than I've been pregnant! I'm not nervous about being a mom just L&D. I have no idea what to expect but I know it won't be fun!

  • I'm pretty excited for her to get here and buy all the stuff I need, so that doesn't worry me too much (closer I get I'm just fretting over our classes right now. I try to keep up on my DH to discuss things with me but with his job, its a pain to schedule things. I just know time is ticking and they'll soon fill up...
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  • I think I had everything ready for DD at this point in my first pregnancy.  I found an arms reach cosleeper on CLs that was maybe used once for $80 so I couldn't pass that up, but it's literally the only thing I've gotten for this baby. 

    This baby is insanely active.  She wakes me up a few times a night and I'm having a lot of BH contractions already.  I think it's her way of trying to remind me that I am pregnant and should get somethings ready for her arrival. 

    On the flipside, my first was an October baby and they are both girls so I don't think I need a ton of clothes or new gear.  Everything should be the right size and the right season.  I should dig it out of storage though and see what quality the items are... I remember a lot of spit up and blow outs with #1.  I don't think I would have saved crappy stuff, but who knows what I did when sleep deprived.

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  • Me too! I'm not nervous about a newborn, I just want to get through the labor and hospital stay! I'm a big baby when it comes to anything medical! 
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