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Reflux-What meds to take

I have really bad acid reflux and my Dr. never recommended anything to take. The sheet she gave me just said drink lots of water and eat slowly to prevent less air being trapped but she never recommended anything. Did anyone elses Dr. okay any meds for this? I hate taking meds but this is not fun.

Re: Reflux-What meds to take

  • I've been given the ok on Tums, Maalox, Gaviscon, Zantac, Pepcid, and Tagamet.

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  • i take prilosec/omeprazole & it's been a huge help... it's actually the only thing that helped my heartburn.  it's a category B drug, so it's safe like tylenol :)


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  • Ugh, it's started for me too!  I've been taking tums and drinking milk.  The milk really helps me.
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  • Omeprazole has been a life saver. My doctor even wrote me a prescription for double strength stuff, so it works great and I can get it cheaper than OTC.
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  • My dr ok'd Zantac, Prilosec, and Prevacid. I'd start with Zantac first, then try the others if it doesn't work. Hope you get relief!
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  • Zantac and milk work wonders for me.

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    I'd start with Zantac.  I'm on Rx strength Prevacid.  My reflux was really bad with DS and it seems to be coming back with this little guy, so Prevacid 2x a day is my Rx.
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  • I agree with PP who said to start with zantac.  Tums is safe to take in addition to another antacid.  I'd only try to take something like prilosec if the zantac, pepcid, and prevacid type drugs don't work... is listing prilosec as class C, as a lot of the PPIs are.
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  • I've been popping tums like candy as well as Zantac. My mom has some omeprazole at her house and I've taken that too a few times but seeing that someone else has been taking it, I'll rely on that. That's the ONLY thing that works for me! I had asked (zantac stopped working as well so I've been using it sparingly) at the docs office for something stronger but safe, and they gave me an anti nausea med! Still confused on that really since it's just heartburn, no nausea at all, plus a side effect is constipation...I took one and have the rest sitting around somewhere.
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    The PPs list all things I was told about but I also find that sucking on a peppermint of chewing peppermint gum makes mine better, but that might just be me.
  • My Dr. Prescribed Protonix... you take it once a day for amazing results. 

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  • This might sound lame but I have been having this issue and I had read something that said eat an apple a day to help. So since apples are an ok thing to eat decided to try it. Didn't have it for a week and then had reflux for 2 nights cause I hadn't eaten an apple during the day. So now I'm sticking to my apple a day thing :) 
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