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normal weight gain


 I am not sure if this is too personal but I will ask anyway :)

 I am 23 weeks pregnant and I can not tell if I am gaining too much weight for the amount of time.  This is my first child and I am just nervous it seems like a lot when I think aobut it but it could be very normal.   

So I am 5'1 and before I was pregnant I weighed about 108-110. I just weighed myself and I weigh 134!  I think that is a lot......but have no idea.  Is that too much?  Is there a too much?  what is the normal rate of weight gain? 

 I know my situation may be different.  I have been home bound with a broken wrist for the past 5 weeks, which made me much less active than before and also very bored with a house full of food because my family kept bringing me meals. 

 I appreciate any advice or if you are willing to share I would more than appreciate that too.  Thank you all in advance

 Does any one else worry about?????


Re: normal weight gain

  • I've gained about the same amount, but I'm 5'6"...I'm always concerned im gaining too much, but dr doesn't seem to be concerned, yet, I go back tomorrow, so I guess we will see.
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  • Everyone is different. From what I've read in books, the thinner you are pre-pregnancy, the more weight you should gain. The heavier, the less. That is a super duper generalization of what I've read.

    My doctor told me at my first appointment that she wanted me to gain 25 pounds (I was quite fluffy pre-pregnancy) and has stayed on me at each appointment about gaining weight (I haven't gained anything yet).  

    Ultimately, just ask your doctor what they think you should be gaining.  

  • I've gained the same amount approximately although I'm taller.  Also started on the thin side.  I just saw my doctor today and he confirmed I'm doing fine.
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  • If you were in the normal weight range before you got pregnant, you should gain 25 to 35 lbs. total. If you were underweight, you should gain a little bit more. I'm too lazy to look up whether you were normal weight pre-pregnancy, but assuming you were, you've put on about 24 lbs. and you about 17 weeks to go. If you gain a pound a week from now until the end (and I'm not saying that you will) your total gain would be around 41 lbs. Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it unless your doctor says there is a need to worry. It sounds like you're within the normal range of weight gain for where you are in the pregnancy.


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  • I think your doing fine!!I am also short (5'2)but I definitively didn't weigh that little. I started with a more muscular build.So far I've gained 17 lbs and I am also 23 weeks pregnant. I worry that i'll gain too much when its all said and done.
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  • I've gained about a whole 4-8# the entire time. I'm 22 weeks. My midwife isn't concerned because I was overweight to begin with and she wants me to gain as little as possible (within reason). I figure as long as she doesn't say "Hey, you're not gaining or you're gaining too much" and that Baby Girl looks okay, I'm good.
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  • Thank you all for your responses!  They are making me feel a lot better.  I think I may have been having a paranoid hormone moment.  I will also talk to my doctor, but I asked him a couple weeks ago and he said everything is fine.....It is all in my head, I know.  but I am still concerned. 


  • During my pregnancy with my son I gained nearly 75 lbs and had a VERY tough time loosing the weight afterwards.  So with this pregnancy I've been almost paranoid about gaining too much weight and have been pretty careful!   Yesterday at my dr's apt I found out that I have already gained 19 lbs at 23 weeks which has me worried about gaining so much weight again. 
  • I'd say check in with your Dr. or NMW. Only they can tell you if the weight you are gaining is correct or too much. Unfortunately our opinions don't really mean a whole lot on the matter ;)

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