1st Trimester

Two strong positives today!

I tested again this morning (twice 2am and 7am) both were strong positives. About time!  After the first neg test (too early) then two faint positives, then a neg.  I waited a few days and tested and sure enough we have a bun in the oven woohoo.  So nervous.  I was hoping I wold get a full time position for a while but not sure if thats going to happen. :(  And almost got caught by the my sweethearts dad lol.  I turned down a glass of wine, he looked at my sweetheart and said "did you get yourselves into trouble?" OMG I just calmly said I'm on a cleansing time.  He chuckled and looked at me over the rim of his glasses like "yea right".  

We hadn't planned on telling them yet.  This weekend with them at the ranch is going to be a dead give away when I keep refusing wine!  I was hoping to wait until the sisters are with us too.  I hope I can keep it together but I think he has his suspicions.    

Re: Two strong positives today!

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