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Placenta encapsulation question

I figured this was the best place to ask about this as it is definitely not a mainstream thing to do just yet. Actually a two part question:

-How much would/did you pay for placenta encapsulation? I don't have the option of shopping around, since there is only one person in my province who provides this service. She charges 150$ for the capsules or 120$ for just the powder (or 190$ for placenta tincture, salve, and prints along with the capsules, but I'm not really interested in that stuff). Is this a reasonable price?

-The woman who does it is located in a town about 1-1.5 hours away from where I live, so I would have to ship it to her (or have DH drive it out- I don't really want to ask anyone else to do this, since I'm nervous about being judged about it), which means packing it in a cooler with ice, which makes me a little nervous. Has anyone done this before?  


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Re: Placenta encapsulation question

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