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External Version.....I'm Scheduled

I am a FTM and my little princess has been in a frank breech position for almost 8 weeks. Her little tushy is lodged right at my cervix and she is too comfortable to move!! My OB has scheduled me for an external version because I do not want a c-section! I've tried virtually everything on spinningbabies.com short of the moxibustion, but to no avail. Has anyone else had an EV? What was your experience like? Was it successful? Thank you!!

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    Our baby was frank breech from 36 weeks and I tried EVERYTHING to get him to flip - even the moxa/acupuncture, chiropractor and everything on spinning babies. We opted not to do the version though because it seemed risky with a low success rate.

    We went ahead and scheduled the c-section for the 24th (tomorrow) and we found out yesterday at my weekly appointment that he flipped head down at 39w2d all on his own! So don't lose hope even if the version doesn't work! I had resigned myself to the c-section and accepted it and now it's cancelled! GL and I hope she flips!

  • a version could also lead to a c-section --- so prepare yourself that it could happen when you proceed with it because of all the movement and everything else that is going on it could lead to possible complications for the baby which, unfortunately could lead to that c-section you don't want.  

     My 1st daughter was breeched as well, however because of the risks my dr informed me about, I opted to wait until the very end to go through with it.  I finally scheduled the version at 39 weeks and to find out she had turned on her own.

     Good luck though in your procedure! 

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  • Good luck! I hope it works. I have been thinking a lot about this stuff lately as well as my lo was transverse at 30 weeks, but I think he has moved head down lately. Anyhow, I would not worry too much about the ecv itself-- in all my reading on pubmed, the procedure did not often have complications-- usually the worst thing to happen is that it doesn't work.

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  • Good luck!  I will be having this done if my LO turns out to be breech.  From what I hear it is uncomfortable but does not cause any complications. I hope it works for your LO!!
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  • My little girl was breech at 36 weeks.  I went in yesterday for the ECV and she flipped on her own.  Continue doing what you have been doing and hopefully yours will flip too.  Babies will flip when they want to.
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  • My doctor successfully moved my transverse DS at 37 weeks. It felt like forever while they were doing it but it apparently only was 1.5-3 minutes total. I was shocked when they told me how quick it was! I put my Bradley relaxation practice to use and did visualizations, deep breathing, and releasing all tension to get through the pain. (Yours may be longer, they have twice as far to push your baby around.)

    After the version it took some time to get used to feeling LO in different places now. Every time he moved I was afraid he was turning back because he felt so different.  I was supposed to walk lots after the version so his head would get down in my pelvis and engage. I was very hyperactive for a few hours after b/c of the meds.

    This You Tube video helped me feel prepared: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AM6wDwTjmc

    Overall, I felt fine right after it. I had some cramping and sensitive spots from the drs hands, but overall I was more comfortable than I'd been in a long time. Instantly most of the pain in my ribs and pelvis lightened up and I felt a huge release of pressure when he moved. (I'm thinking with a breech baby it may not feel that much different since baby is still capitalizing on the length of your body in that position.)

  • Unfortunately my version didn't work this morning. It was a bit painful, but our daughter refused to move! The OB wants to schedule a C-section. We are still prayerful that she'll turn on her on! This is our first child so, we're praying all goes well!
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