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Extremely Active Baby

I am 38 weeks and my baby has been more active today then the entire pregnancy combined. Should I be concerned or is it normal for baby to get more active at the end? Baby is moving so much more that I can't sit. I have to stand or lay down otherwise i am in pain cz baby is pushing against everything.

Re: Extremely Active Baby

  • I'm not as far along as you, but this sounds a bit like what I'm having at the moment. He started jumping around yesterday and has been really crazy ever since with just a little break this morning. As to your question if it's normal or not I'm afraid I can't help you since I'm an FTM. But as far as I have understood it, any movement is a good thing. Bummer on you having to stand up or lie flat though.

    Hope he cools down a bit so you can relax a little. 

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  • I am 39 weeks pregnant and the same thing is happening here... it use to be much calmer throughout the day and just become active in the evening hours. but over the past two weeks it is constantly moving around in there all day... and it definitely takes my breath away with some of the movements.. I think he/she is ready to make an appearance soon!
  • I noticed LO having longer awake periods since last week and moving more. I guess each child is unique. I am not sure if it is related to being born early or not.
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  • I am having the active baby pains as well! But I have to keep telling myslef, the more movement the better!!
  • I'm only at 30w but this baby is going nuts!!!!  Last night it felt like she was climbing my uterus or swimming or doing flips.  It was like non-stop action for hours.  She was pretty busy this morning although she's calmed down a bit now.  It sounds your LO is getting restless and preparing to make her grand entrance ;-)

  • Mine has always been active and is showing no signs of slowing down!
  • I am 39 weeks and LO is very active! My first was also very active up until I had her, so to me this is perfectly normal. I have heard that often they are more quiet at the end and that it can be a sign that labor will begin, however, I did not experience that with my first.

    Good Luck! 


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    I'm only 29 weeks but up until like 2 weeks ago she was only active at night and early in the morning really. Lately she's ALWAYs active. I feel bad because sometimes I wish she'd calm down in there. But then of course when she does and it's been a few hours I want her to kick so bad so I know nothings wrong. I'm a hard one to please :)
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  • My LO feels like its trying to push out of my tummy like an Aliens movie! Its crazy! It actually takes my breath away. I asked my ob and he said it was because the little one was running out of room. I hope this means my LO will come early and not late!
  • I am almost 32 weeks and my LO has been bouncing around ALOT in the past few weeks. I can sit on the couch and my husband can watch my belly bulging and move around because my little guys just can't sit still. For the most part I love it, but sometimes I have to admit I wish he would take a little break so I can lay down for a bit and not have to keep adjusting myself on the couch because he won't stay in one spot.
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