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Choroid plexus cysts...Worried!

Hey ladies...im wondering if anyone has been though this. We just went for my 20 Week ultrasound yesterday and everything looked perfect except they found something on the spinal chord called Chorid plexus cysts, from what i understood its not exactaly a cyst..its some kind of fluid on the chord. The Dr. told us it usually goes away in the 3rd trimester but worst case it could be a sign of T-18 (trisomy 18) which just sounds terrible. The Dr. said the odds of it being T-18 are very slim considering everything else w the baby looks perfect and all the bloodwork i had a few weeks ago came back great, i was in the lowest percetile for any conditions. They offer some testing just to be sure its not T-18...i couldnt imagine going though the next 4 months w this hanging over my head so i got the blood test.

even though it seems unlikely that anything is wrong w the baby it still competely FREAKED me out.

Re: Choroid plexus cysts...Worried!

  • We saw a choroid plexus cyst at our a/s as well as an EIF. The results of genetic testing told us that everything is totally fine. Try not to get freaked out too badly (although I know that's really hard). Lots of babies have choroid plexus cysts and are totally fine...it's an excellent sign that they didn't spot anything else wrong. 

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  • thanks! that actually makes me feel better! Its so hard not to worry but i know i cant stress over it. You never expect to hear any negative news
  • Our LO has a choroid plexus cyst on his brain at the a/s. However, everything else looked good. 

    The radiologist wrote in the report that the chances of the cyst being indicative of a bigger problem (i.e., Trisomy 18) was less than 1% given that there are no other problems found during the u/s.

    We decided not to do the blood tests because our 1% odds seemed okay and, if it came back with an elevated risk, I'd just spend 5 months worrying.  


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  • WE had to same thing last week, plus we have a two vessel umbilical cord (normally they have three vessels).  My Dr. was not worried at all and didn't even suggest genetic testing.  She said that the cyst almost always go away and that we will just do another ultrasound in 6-8 weeks.  I know how you feel about stressing!!!  I have two things wrong and am super scared about T-18, but at this point there is nothing I can do but enjoy being pregnant today.  Today I will love my baby and cherish every day I have with her!  And crossing the fingers nothing really is wrong!
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  • Also had choroid plexus cyst at 19 weeks. Went in for a level 2 ultrasound 10 days later, and the cyst had disappeared, and no other problems were detected.
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