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Tomorrow is my baby's

Birthday!!! I can't wait to see what she looks like :) I'm so excited...I'm nesting and sleeping today...or trying with an almost 4 year old!

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Re: Tomorrow is my baby's

  • Good luck, it is my LOs day tomorrow too and it looks like quite a  few of us have tomorrow as the day. 
    William James III born September 18,2008

    Heading back to the RE to try for #2 Appt Sept. 6th.
    BFP 9/20/11, Beta#1 130 14DPO 9/21/11, Beta #2 369 16DPO 9/23/11, Beta #3 19DPO 1501 9/26/11,first ultra sound 9/28/11 (5W0D) one little sac right where it is suppose to be. 2nd ultra sound 10/5/11(6W0D) saw the HB 112BPM. 3rd ultra sound 10/11/11(6W6D) - baby measuring 7W3D HB 147BPM. First OB Appt 10/20/11.



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