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Tomorrow is Baby Day!

I am so excited and nervous at the same time. One thing I know for sure is that I am so ready to be done being pregnant. However the guilty feelings have set in and I am having a hard time thinking about how this is going to affect DD. I feel like at times that I have not gotten to spend as much time as I wanted with her, but there is no turning back now. I also know that once LO gets here and we are adjusted at home things will be OK and I will never remember what it is like to have only one.

I am also super nervous about my impending c/s. With DD I had an emergency c/s and was put under. This time I will have a spinal and will be awake for the surgery so I am a little freaked out about that.

Oh and we do not have a name picked out if this LO is a boy...I guess I know what we will be doing tonight.

Re: Tomorrow is Baby Day!

  • Congrats!! and i am having a rcs also and my 1st was an emergency also so i was out too and am nervous about this one and the spinal too lol. Good luck!!!! I go Thursday i cant wait :)
  • Good luck, I go in tomorrow morning for my rcs.  I too have all the same mixed emotions with DS etc.

    DS keeps asking for us to go to the hospital and get the baby out so he can help take care of the baby, so it is making it a bit easier.


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  • Congrats..I'm going in as well!!

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  • GL! We never had a name either. Our doctor asked if there was a name when she was born and we just sort of shrugged. 
  • Good luck with everything.  


    I have a scheduled c section on Thursday (This is my first child).  I am not allowed to have epidurals or spinals.  


    Any tips on what it is like to be put under for a cs, let me know.  I am nervous and bummed, I will not get to see my little boy being born.  :-/ 

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