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My friend pointed out that my baby probably had thrush, her tongue has always had a whitish/yellow tint.  I didn't know what that was until now.  Her 2 month Dr. appointment is one week..should I wait to mention it then?  Call now?  She is showing no signs of discomfort..just wanted to know how pressing this was.

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Re: Thrush

  • A white tongue doesn't mean thrush. Most babies have white tongues from milk/formula. If you notice white blotches in your LO's mouth that, when you try to wipe them, they may bleed. It will look like yeast (which is what thrush is) is growing in their mouth. Also, are your nipples in pain? Very red? Itchy? Because most likely if your LO has thrush, you have it as well. If you're concerned, call your pedi. But don't assume thrush just from white on the tongue.
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  • A white tongue does NOT mean thrush! Most babies have a tongue like that. Thrush appears mostly on the gums and cheeks, with a little on the tongue. If you can scrap it off LO's tongue, it's not thrush... it's just milky build up and it's normal and healthy.

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  • my daughter is 2 months and she had white spots on her lip and tongue, i tried to wipe them off and they just wouldnt  come off. i called the doctors before her checkup and he gave her an antibiotics. it cleared up within a week.
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  • My LO had thrush, and i took him to the dr and she prescribed an antibiotic for him. he hated it and would spit it out and throw any of it up that he did swallow. Now i told my mom what was going on and she told me to put one of his little washcloths in his diaper and let him pee on it and then rub the wet cloth on the spots in his mouth. they cleared up within 24 hours. 
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