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Birthing Ball

My hubby bought me a birthing ball and I'm so ecstatic! Any suggestions on how I can use it?!! thanks! FTM

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  • I've never 'used' when while in labor, but I love sitting on mine when pregnant. I just sit on it like normal and maybe bounce a bit. It helps support and open your pelvis, which can help LO get into a good position, and helps maintain your posture. It's one of the most comfortable ways I sit when I'm pregnant. 
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  • JoJo42JoJo42
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    When I have bad lower back pain or hip pain, I sit and gently bounce or sway/swirl. Or, I'll hug it either in cow pose or child's pose.  Basically, just such that my hips are tucked under a bit, and maybe I'll rock forward and back to relieve the aching for a while.  

    If baby is kicking me a lot, I sit and gently bounce and she'll stop kicking.  If I sway, she'll often start kicking harder instead. 

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  • I currently sit on mine, rock my hips, stretch out my pelvis and spine....It feels GREAT!
  • I sat on it and rolled the ball in figure 8's. My OB said it could help the baby get into the right position for birth. Also, it's great for getting into shape after the baby is born, by doing planks and crunches with it.
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  • PuppinsPuppins member
    I bounced on one for 2 hours in the hospital, did nothing for me except annoy me.
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  • When I was pregnant with DS I used it a lot at the end- when I was having serious hip pain.  I also used it while I was in labor and it helped quite a bit.


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  • We had to practice using it at class this weekend, it was fun :)  We had to sit on it and roll it around, get on our knees and kind of hug it, use it to support a wall squat, and then lean on it while your husband (or whoever) massages your back.
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  • bouncing is supposed to help bring on labor.  but during labor, swirling in circles/figure 8s is better because it's supposed to open your pelvis
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  • I use it and it helps my back and hips.  I rotate on it.  You can go onto YouTube and see some prenatal stretches with it.

    One thing I WISH it had was a back and arm rests.  That would be awesome!

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  • kdjuddkdjudd
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    Just pump it up and sit on it. It helps my lower back pain so much! I usually sit on it and watch tv and gently rock back and forth. I plan on using it in labor too!
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