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Rose/Bud/Thorn, anyone?

Let's liven it up a little:

Rose: Something great that happened last week

Thorn: Something you'd like to forget about last week

Bud: Something you're looking forward to this week.


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Re: Rose/Bud/Thorn, anyone?

  • Rose:  DD now nods her head for yes and shakes it for no so I can understand her much better.

    Thorn:  Had to break up a family feud that escalated to a heated argument at a kids ball game.

    Bud:  My Kings get another chance to knock the Coyotes out of the Stanley Cup playoffs tomorrow night.

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    Rose: Something great that happened last week

    I got a car (renamed Sirius)! 

    Thorn: Something you'd like to forget about last week

    My coworker's overly aggressive texts saying that I'd made a mistake buying said car and that she'd pretend to be happy for me (not telling her anything personal again). I just want to move on. 

    Bud: Something you're looking forward to this week.

    Driving Sirius to my bestie's house tomorrow 

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  • Rose - my son is finally starting to sleep better! He slept for 6.5 hours straight Saturday night which is the longest he has ever slept! 

    Thorn - figuring out what is actually happening to my body has been really stressful

    Bud - I am going to finishing weaning my son from breastfeeding this weekend. It is very bitter sweet but my supply is gone and we just need to break the habit


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  • Rose: Gabe up and decided he was going to crawl last week, and he can hold onto the couch and tippy-toe along it.

    Thorn: We're no closer to finding a place of our own and it's getting crowded around here.

    Bud: FI and I are going out to dinner on Friday night, then we're going to a craft's fair on Saturday, and camping all weekend with my family.

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  • Rose:  I finally hired someone to mow/edge our lawn.  It looked amazing when I came home!

    Thorn: Genevieve throwing up all over me, herself, my bed, and her crib.

    Bud:  I have a 5 day weekend this week. 

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    Rose:  J is finally feeling better, after a week-long virus and teething on top of it!

    Thorn: I believe he gave said virus (or at least a cold) to me :(

    Bud: DH is supposed to finish all major (and minor) construction on the house this weekend - could I possibly have a finished house?!

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  • Rose: My mom and sister visited for a few days and I got to mow the yard (weird, I know, but it's a chore I don't mind doing and one I haven't done since my BFP last September).  

     Thorn: We had DH's family over for a cookout and his BIL got angry and left over my MIL not letting him hold our baby. (I wasn't here when this all went down, just witnessed the aftermath). 

    Bud:  Will hopefully be going back to school for an hour or so this week to see my class before they "graduate" to middle school. 


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  • Rose: DH had 2 days off this past weekend so he got to spend 2 days with C (and gave me a break Big Smile)

    Thorn: DH left this morning to go OOT for work and it's just me and the boys (baby and dog).  It's going to be a long week.

    Bud: We're going to RI to visit DH's family next week so it'll be nice to visit and C gets to go on his first plane ride. 

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  • Rose: I got two faint positives

    Thorn: The negative after the positives

    Bud: Seeing my sweetheart again for 3 weeks yay. We will do a pee test one test for him one for me lol I want to see if faint lines are part of those tests!
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