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Bell's Palsy (NBR)

On Friday DH said the right side of his face felt weird, and since he wasn't feeling well in general he took the afternoon off work, thinking he was just over stretched and needed to rest up. He spent all weekend resting--canceled all obligations, etc--and it didn't get any better. This morning I had an appointment, so we went to that, and while we're sitting there talking to the doctor, he (doc) noticed that the right side of H's face wasn't moving. I turned to look at him and it really scared me to see the two sides so different (it hadn't been so obvious over the weekend). He can't close his right eye (unless he holds the eyelid down with his finger), and basically the muscles on the right aren't moving at all. My doctor immediately said he should see the GP in the practice, which we did, and he said it looks like Bell's Palsy.

Has anyone had any experience with this? From what the GP said it should clear up on it's own, but that it could be a couple weeks or months. It's scary to see H like this, he never gets sick, so I'm kinda freaking out a little. Plus, he's a teacher, and it's really affecting his speech, so he's not sure how well he'll be able to manage lessons and classrooms in the meantime. 


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Re: Bell's Palsy (NBR)

  • Awwww I'm sorry your DH has this but try not to freak out about it.  It's not life threatening, more of a big inconvenience.  My dad had it and the right side of his face looked droopy like he had had a stroke.  It cleared up in a little over a month but everyone is different so it could take longer or it could clear up sooner.

    I hope it clears up soon for him!


    Edit: To the post below, it's caused by a virus that attacks part of the nervous system.


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  • My Coworker had it as well and it cleared up shortly thereafter.. if i recall, they weren't sure what triggered it.  I'm not sure if it was stress related.  anyway, try not to worry to much and hope it clears up for your DH soon!!
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  • My cousin actually got this right before she delivered. It did clear up in a couple of months. She said the only reminder of it (besides her last picture before her c/s) is that sometimes when she sleeps on that side she has a little bit of pain, but it is all cleared up and she looks liek she used to before BP).

    Hope that helps calm your nerves about it.


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  • Thanks ladies! I did consult Dr. Google, but of course, got the same type of info that the doctor already gave us. I am glad that it's something that will eventually clear up--although it's frustrating not being able to do anything to help! I'm also glad that he's not actually in pain--silver lining I guess Smile
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  • My husband had it. Stress seems a likely trigger. His went away after about a month. Most important was to keep his eye moisturized. It is super scary to witness, but luckily is not that serious.


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  • My cousin's fiance has it on the left side of her face - she woke up one day while in college (4 years ago) with the symptoms, and it's been the same since. She gets frequent botox injections which helps to mask the paralysis by relaxing the face, and you can't really tell she has it. I know that the symptoms sometimes go away, and I hope it does for your DH :) But just know there are treatment options if it doesn't... or if he needs some sort of treatment now to make being in the classroom easier, it may be something to look into.
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  • TikTakTikTak
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    I had an ex who had it, and a friend as well. For one it cleared up in about 6-7 weeks, the other about a month. Both recovered completely!
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