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Strange breathing while sleeping?

Last night we heard E making some strange noises over the monitor, so we went in to check on him.  He was asleep, but he was making some pretty strange breathing noises.  I would liken it to how it sounds if someone gets really upset crying and tries to stop themselves from crying and tries to take deep breaths to prevent sobbing.  (hope this makes sense...).  anyway, I figured maybe he was just having a bad dream, but DH was really worried, which freaked me out.  We went to get our phone to try and record it to send to my sister (who is a pedi), but he stopped by the time we could record it.  I sent an email to my sister asking her what she thought this morning, but I'm curious if other LOs are doing this.  Hopefully my description makes sense, but are your LOs still making noises in their sleep?  Do they ever sound like they are taking really deep breaths?  I'll see what my sister says and just keep an eye on him while sleeping and call my pedi if he does it again (unless my sister says differently...)
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