Cloth Diapering

How many do I need?

Going to purchase some fitted dipers and wool covers just for overnight for DS. I wash every other day. What would you recommend I have for my stash?



Re: How many do I need?

  • I have 4 fitteds and 2 wool soakers. I alternate my wool with PUL covers, but the wool holds up pretty well so you may be able to get away with 2.  I think for fitteds, definitely 4 is good for washing EOD.  Especially if you line dry your diapers. 
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  • I have 5 fitteds and 2 wool soakers and we use exclusively for night. I think I only need 4 fitteds. I have a slight fitted addiction. :-) We wash everyother day. Wool has lasted a while. I think Im going on three weeks - no wash yet.
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    one per night  plus one extra to accommodate drying time plus 2 covers. I have 4 and wash every 3 days. You could get just 3 and be okay
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