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baby moving ever painful?

DS didn't move much at all when I was pregnant with him.  This baby is all over the place, all the time.  There are sometimes where it is actually painful, like he is literally clawing me!!  Anyone feel this?  I enjoy the small kicks and punches, but this other movement is driving me crazy!
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Re: baby moving ever painful?

  • yes this is normal for me im a FTM and am 37 weeks and my baby moves a lot also.. she is always moving sometimes she isint kicking she is like shifting around and that hurts also,, there has been times were is hurts and is uncomfortable and keeps me up at night or i cant sleep my doctor said that it is completly normal and it is because she is running out of room to move around... :) hope that helps ya a little...
  • My baby moves ALL the time!! She has gotten away from the kicks and punches, but this rolling and grinding can be super painful depending on where she hits. Not much longer!
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    My LO is super active, too. She has a few places in particular that she likes to nail frequently, to the point that they almost feel bruised from the inside. I'm glad to know she's okay in there but I wouldn't mind some short reprieves. She is NOT a good sleeper, lol.
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    DD was incredibly active.  At this point in the pregnancy she was simultaneously trying to kick through my ribs and borrow her head through my crotch.  This one  has always seemed more mellow w/ movement.   So it seems normal for babies to have different activity levels even in utero.
  • Absolutely. My little guy doesn't have much room (I'm very petite) so he some how stretches my uterus up over my ribs and it is the most horrible pain I have felt to date. My doctor has also informed me that they can most defiantly bruise us on the inside!
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  • One of my girlfriends' baby kicked so hard invitro that she had bruises on the outside of her belly.  Personally I get some discomfort with the big rolls but not any "pain" per se, but everyone is different.
  • It can be - especially if she is kicking my ribs or sticking her feet out really far. Sometimes I also feel like she's grabbing the inside of my uterine wall with her toes :-/ The other thing that hurts is when I experience RLP and she decides to move/kick in the same spot where the pain is.
  • Sometimes it feels like my LO is biting me... I get that she doesn't have teeth, but it seriously feels like it... DH says it must be her fingernails and she's trying to claw her way out.

    As for the other movements, it only hurts when she gets her heels up under my ribcage and sticks her butt out... or kicks my stomach when I'm trying to eat..

    SO can't wait for her to be out.

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  • My LO foot feels like it's permanently implanted in my ribs (and thanks to the ultrasound, I was able to confirm this and watch her kick the heck out of my ribs and prove I wasn't imagining it!).  But I've also some sharp or strong pain when she decides to roll or shift around in just the right place.  I'm measuring about 3-4cm small, but she's measuring right on, so I think she's just running out of room!  The end is in sight though!
  • While my baby moves around quite a bit, she's never caused me any pain. Maybe she's just a delicate little flower. :-)

  • yes sometimes with this one it is painful for me too.
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  • For me it's mostly just uncomfortable.... Especially when I'm walking around and he decides to move around.... 
  • With two and with them starting to have kicking wars...it can be pretty painful.  Also, one likes to roll around a lot and if she/he (not sure which is doing it) is close to my belly button, it stretches that whole area out and that can also hurt a bit.

    My saying yesterday was....1,2,3,4, I declare a kicking war!  Seemed like it was ALL day long.  Made my back hurt quite a bit.

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  • Yes. DD wasn't nearly as active, but this kid has been hurting me since about 28 weeks.  I'm afraid I won't know the difference between movement and contractions (never had any with DD) b/c it gets that painful. At this point I just feel my stomach to see if a body part is protruding out, and it usually is.  I hope he's not this active as an outside baby!
  • image Meg&Jesse:
    DS didn't move much at all when I was pregnant with him.  This baby is all over the place, all the time.  There are sometimes where it is actually painful, like he is literally clawing me!!  Anyone feel this?  I enjoy the small kicks and punches, but this other movement is driving me crazy!


     DD lovesss kicking my ribs, hiding in them, and burrowing her head in them. It is the most painful feeling ever, and if shes not in my ribs, shes in my lower stomach kicking at my bladder and causing me to have a constant and strong urge to pee.  

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    That sounds normal to me! Last night it felt like my LO was trying to dig her way out of my cervix. I was almost crying it was so painful. I had to get in a warm bath in order to try to get her to calm down. 
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  • Yes it is getting very painful for me as well. She keeps me from sleeping!
  • I was just explaining this "pain" to my mom.  This is my 2nd.  My first was super active but I don't remember her hurting me so much.  This one seems to get into places that will actually make me jump and yell out.  Perhaps my uterus is sitting differently than beofre or something.  I'll feel her stretch out and she gets something (assuming her hands) really low near my hip, next to my vagina...it KILLS!!

    She'll even start stretching and moving so much that it kicks off a series of BH's.  I was actually worrying she'd break my bag of water she moves so hard.

  • Yes, at rare times it can be a bit painful.
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