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Congrats Great Cloth Diaper Changers!

Woohoo! We did it! It's totally cool to be a part of something like this! I had an awesome time, and even though I didn't know it at the time, I got to GCDC with a fellow bumpie! Yayyyy! I was just reading the Guiness site though, and I had no idea certificates were $20+, I am pretty sure they failed to mention that =/


Anyway, here are the fun facts from the email if anyone is interested! 


We are finally able to share numbers with you! The official count is

8,251, that is 3,225 more than last year! Great job everyone! This is


Fun Facts for GCDC 2012

  • 189 sites qualified
  • 9 sites had 100+ attendees (only 2 last year), all in the US, with one state (Oklahoma) represented TWICE in Oklahoma City and Tulsa: CO, OK, MI, IL, FL, OK, UT, SC, TN
  • 3 cities were in the top 10 both years: Denver, Oklahoma City, and Charleston.
  • 21 sites JUST made the Guinness count with 25 attendees each.
  • 67 cities hosted events that didn't qualify for the Guinness World Record BUT DID ACCOMPLISH our goal of increasing awareness about reusable cloth diapers.
  • When you Google ?Great Cloth Diaper Change? and 2012 ? you get 557,000 results. I guess we DID raise awareness!!! :)
  • We had 17 countries register. 11 held events that qualify for the record: Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Malaysia, Netherlands, US
  • Another 4 countries held nonqualifying (but cloth-diaper-awareness-increasing!) events: Brazil, Chile, Estonia, Japan  


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Re: Congrats Great Cloth Diaper Changers!

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