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Elephant Legs and Ankles!

My legs and ankles are SO swollen that they look like elephant legs! My fingers look like sausages! I've tried avoiding salt and drinking more and more water! They're so swollen that they HURT! Anyone else have this? What did you do to help alleviate if anything? TIA!

Re: Elephant Legs and Ankles!

  • Rest with your feet up often and drinks lots of water!!! 

    I am expecting twins this time around and sorta shocked I have every other horrible side effect and symptom but no swelling in my legs or feet this time .. AMEN. My last pregnancy it was horrible though. Just take lots of sit down breaks and prop your feet up any chance you get.  

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  • someone posted that lemon in water helps.  I have no scientific oroof or anything but I have the same huge feet you describe and lemon water days they do seem a bit better.  Also, I sleep with my feet on a pillow and that helps a lot, until my shower in the morning....

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  • Compression socks are wonderful! Wear them whenever you can, and you'll see a big reduction in swelling....

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  • Bahhhh I have this awful swelling as well, it's miserable but I've been lucky not I have any other side affects, I'm not complaining too much but still my family teases me a lot luckily I can take a joke, only 4more weeks to go, hang in there!
  • Squeeze fresh lemon in your water, it def helps!  Sometimes I drink a mug of hot water with half a lemon squeezed in it first thing in the morning and then reg cold lemon water the rest of the day and I notice a difference if I drink A LOT that day.  Also, have your husband squeeze your swollen fingers and toes for a few mins.  It gets the fluid moving around and helps!
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  • Yes-- I wear knee-high compression stockings when I am at home, and I have noticed a big difference. The swelling goes down drastically.  Compression socks are great for preventing/treating varicose & spider veins, too.  I am a teacher and always on my feet, and they run in my family, but I don't have any sign of them.  Also, I am anemic, so I tend to bruise easily and heal slowly, but my leg bruises have disappeared in 2 days.  
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  • Soak feet in epson salt and very warm water (as hot as you can stand it).

    Acupuncture ( no joke - it's been really working for me). 


    Get a massage

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