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I haven't posted in quite a long time...but I am officially miserable and I have been working from home now for a week..and I am starting to get cabin fever! 

My original due date (by period) was May 21st...but because I was measuring so big early on they moved my due date to May 12 and we have been going by that the entire pregnancy.  Well here I am...either 41 weeks? or 39 weeks 4 days?..with no labor in sight. Ugh who knows!

I have not lost my mucus plug...(that I know of)...and I am still completely closed for business down there. 0% dilated.. 0% effaced. Baby is still sitting nice and high...he is very content! 

Ive been trying everything under the sun to induce....The other night I spent a while on the exercise ball and "thought" i was feeling contractions after...but they were not painful at all..and the cramping went away after about an hour. I am a FTM so I have no idea what I should be feeling. i have no idea what contractins feel like...and I just feel lost and confused.

I just want to feel something!! Give me some pain down there to make me think that it won't be that much longer!! Although I am  not sure whats driving me more nuts...the fact I have no signs what so ever of labor starting...or the fact that every single person I know is now on a routine of asking me every day..."did you have the baby yet???" Ugh leave me alone people..I will tell you when he is here!!!

Dr will be talking induction with me on Monday...which seems like it will be the only way this baby will come out...I just wish this was going to be a lot easier! 

Please send good vibes my way...I need them desperately!  

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  • I'm miserable too.  My due date is tomorrow, I was at the Dr today and I have nothing going on either.  Since this is my 2nd everyone kept telling me how they come earlier and faster blah blah blah.  I was 10 days late with my first and it looks like I'm on the same path.  I cried after my Dr appt today because it's frustrating that my body won't do this on it's own.  I'll be induced at 41 weeks.  I don't want to face anyone...I'm going into hiding lol.  Good luck Monday!

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  • I'm doing castor oil, evening primrose and nipple stimulation today, and so far I don't have much to report.  I'm wondering if I coughed up more castor oil than I thought.  I'm suppose to take it again in about 20 min and I have a feeling I'm going to be throwing up after that....... Good luck ladies!
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  • I feel the SAME way!!  My due date is tomorrow and I haven't felt a contraction in over a week.  Every time the phone rings it's my MIL, dad, mom, etc. asking me if I'm in labor....and every time I say NO and don't you think I would call to let you know?  I'm trying not to be mean to them because this is everyone's first grandchild but it's getting really hard.  I spent most of the morning watching A Baby Story on TLC and crying because I'm not the one in labor (probably a bad idea haha).  Going out in public is ridiculous at this point because every stranger I pass feels the urge to ask if I'm "due tomorrow."

    Tried sex, walking every day, red raspberry leaf tea, and dancing. 

  • I am tooo....5 days to go!!! I can't wait to meet my little girl!


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  • image jessicabrennan21:

     I am a FTM so I have no idea what I should be feeling. i have no idea what contractins feel like...and I just feel lost and confused.


    You will know a true contraction when you feel one, believe me!! :) 

    Expecting baby #2!
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  • I am with you, not over due but feeling miserable.  I am measuring 3 weeks ahead and have had a horrible headache and neckache all day.  I can not even sleep it hurts so bad. 

    5 days to go!

    William James III born September 18,2008

    Heading back to the RE to try for #2 Appt Sept. 6th.
    BFP 9/20/11, Beta#1 130 14DPO 9/21/11, Beta #2 369 16DPO 9/23/11, Beta #3 19DPO 1501 9/26/11,first ultra sound 9/28/11 (5W0D) one little sac right where it is suppose to be. 2nd ultra sound 10/5/11(6W0D) saw the HB 112BPM. 3rd ultra sound 10/11/11(6W6D) - baby measuring 7W3D HB 147BPM. First OB Appt 10/20/11.



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  • Sending LOTS of good vibes. My due date was Wednesday. I lost my mucus plus on Tuesday and have been having contractions daily, but nothing timeable or consistent. My induction is set for Tuesday -- at which point I will be 41 weeks as well....UGH! Almost there, almost there! Here's to a productive weekend for you!!
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