Toddlers: 12 - 24 Months

Getting rid of the bottle

How old was LO?

Did you do it gradually or all at once?

Was there a minimum amount of milk you tried to get into LO everyday?

What was LO eating schedule once off the bottle?

My LO is not interested at all in the sippy. She does fine during meals, fine as in takes a few sips but otherwise not interested. We've tried a ton. Our pedi is adamant about getting at least 18 oz of milk/day. We barely get 16 with a bottle. I'm not going to force it and I really just think she isn't ready just yet but I'm curious as to how others did it.

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Re: Getting rid of the bottle

  • Yikes.  I am ashamed to admit that I am dealing with this now (just the morning and night time when she has a bottle - LO is otherwise using sippy cups).  It took me a long time, but (flame away) I kept trying different sippy cups with warm milk until she liked one.  now she uses a different sippy for water than milk, but at least I've finally found a sippy from Nuk that she likes the milk in.  Now I have to transition her to using that sippy with her milk before bed.  Honestly, I think it's more me than her - I'm in denial and need to get over it.  I suspect if we just did it cold turkey, she may fuss for a few days, but then she'd get over it, like she did with the paci.

    With respect to the 18 oz. of milk - my DD eats a lot of yogurt and other dairy to get a lot of milk in, but she does still have her milk first thing in the morning and right before bed!

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  • How old was LO? 14 months when we got rid of the final before bedtime bottle.

    Did you do it gradually or all at once? Gradually. We eliminated one bottle at a time and replaced it with a snack or milk until we were down to just the nighttime one. It was the last to go and hardest to get rid of as she used it as a wind down/comfort thing. Up until the last couple of weeks here we still offered her a big sippy of milk before we did bath/teeth every night. She just on her own decided she didn't want that anymore.

    Was there a minimum amount of milk you tried to get into LO everyday? Not really. I try not to let her have more than about 16-20 oz, if she's getting up there I'll give her a sippy of water instead.

    What was LO eating schedule once off the bottle?

    6 am: breakfast

    8:30 am: light snack

    11:30 am: lunch

    3:30 pm: snack

    5:30 pm: very small snack when I pick her up to tide her over until we can get home for dinner.

    7 pm: dinner

    7:30 pm: sippy of milk (now gone).

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  • rlyttlerlyttle
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    DS was about 9 months when he QUIT the bottle. Yes HE decided that he didn't want it anymore. I BF him till he was 13 months, so when he quit the bottle I just really pushed the sippy. It took him awhile to really like the sippy. I found that the straw sippys were the best for him & still are. I would just quit cold turkey if I were you. Or maybe just do a bottle at night for awhile. 
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  • NYMama1NYMama1
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    How old was LO? 17 months

    Did you do it gradually or all at once?  We started dropping bottles around 1 year old.  By 17 months he was only getting one bottle a day.

    Was there a minimum amount of milk you tried to get into LO everyday?  LO would only drink milk out of the bottle so he got 6oz until we cut out the last bottle.  Now he drinks no milk.

    What was LO eating schedule once off the bottle?  Yogurt, fruit & some form of grain for breakfast.  Crackers or Teddy Graham snack.  Daycare lunch (ie hot dog, chicken nuggets, ghoulash, etc.) fruit & veggie.  Fruit, yogurt, & veggie squeeze pouch snack.  Second squeeze pouch and Teddy Graham snack.  Whatever we are having for dinner (which he throws on the floor 90% of the time).  Yogurt, fruit and cheerios if he refuses dinner.

    He drinks water throughout the day and I just make sure he gets 2-3 servings of yogurt and calcium rich foods.  I am also starting Poly Vi Sol.

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  • How old was LO? 9.5 months

    Did you do it gradually or all at once? When we found a sippy DD liked, she dropped the bottle completely on her own.

    Was there a minimum amount of milk you tried to get into LO everyday? She probably gets about 12-15oz of BM a day, 10-15oz of water and eats tons of dairy products. I let her dictate how much she wants.

    What was LO eating schedule once off the bottle? During the week (I work FT)- BF at 6ish, Breakfast ~8-9, BF ~11-12, lunch ~ 12-1 , snack ~3-4, dinner ~ 5:30-6:30, BF ~8. DD chooses if she wants BM or water with her breakfast or lunch. She's a grazer and so we leave food and drinks readily available for her.

    When I told my pedi that DD was refusing WCM, his reply was "can't blame her". Since she still BF's plenty and loves cheese, he wasn't worried. Have you tried making some smoothies? Flavoring the milk? Letting your LO pick the sippy herself?

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  • rrcraz7rrcraz7
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    Thanks ladies! I don't know why I'm having such a brain fart over this. I just can't seem to figure out how or what to do.
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  • we got rid of the bottle cold turkey at 12 months, about a week after his birthday. Once we finally found a sippy he would drink from, the NUK ones, then we just stopped offering a bottle all together. He drinks about 15-20oz of milk a day along with cheeses and yogurt. Our pedi said including all dairy like yogurt etc minimum of 16oz a day. LO has been having breakfast around 730 am with a 7oz sippy of milk, snack w/ water, lunch with 5oz of milk, snack with water & 2oz of juice, and then dinner. Between dinner and bed he drinks about 7oz of milk from a sippy. He doesnt always finish his milk and I dont force it as long as LO generally eats balanced meals of fruits veggies dairy & grains, having 16oz a milk a day is not that important if they are drinking water to stay hydrated.

    I wouldnt stress about the sippy, LO will get rid of the bottle when they are ready there is no reason to push it unless they are nearing 2 years old for dental reasons.



  • My LO was 12 months.  I did it gradually.  I would give him morning bottle and evening bottle and get rid of middle of day one's first, replace with sippy.  Then after a day of two I would replace the morning one with sippy and leave the night one for last.  Then after a day or two of that I would go to night one.  I would decrease the amounth of milk in it over a few days until there was only an ounce and then it was gone.  I threw them all away so I wouldn't cave in. It didn't seem to bother him at all. within about 2 weeks we were all done with the bottles totally.  I was actually surprised how easy it was for him and me.  Good luck with it.
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