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Gabriel not Gabrielle

I think I'm going to name my son Gabriel. It's just I don't want anyone mistakenly calling him Gabrielle. I also don't like the nickname Gabe. I just want it to be simply Gabriel. Has anyone named their son this and had any problems, or know of a child that had issues with this name?

Re: Gabriel not Gabrielle

  • I have always seen Gabriel as a boy name and Gabrielle as a girl name.


    The NN thing, I understand where you are coming from but people do NNs on there own. I personally wouldn't correct someone but I would always call him the name you want and maybe people will catch on. 

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  • No issues with that name- but my daughter has a name that people like to shorten.  However, we did correct them.  Her name is her full name and not the nickname.  If when she is older she decides she wants to be called a nickname, that is up to her, but if we wanted her to be called by the nickname, we would have just named her that. 

    I think if you let people know, they will respect your wishes.

  • one of the guys I work with has a son named Gabriel.  I'm not sure he calls him by any nickname but its a sweet, originial name.
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  • The nn thing- my cousin name is Madison. Her mother hates the nn maddie or anything else in the nn world. She taught her when someone called her a nn to politely say "my name is Madison. Please call me only that"


    It worked  

  • I've never noticed anyone confusing Gabriel and Gabrielle when one is clearly masculine and the other feminine.  It's not like Francis / Frances or Marion / Marian-- both names I've known people with who were male or female with either spelling.

    I have a four syllable first name and people often try to give me a nickname which I don't respond to simply because it isn't my name, not because I'm being rude.  Or, they'll ask if I have a nickname and I say, "Nope!"

  • I like the name Gabriel- and I think people pretty much know that Gabriel is different than Gabrielle.

     As far as the nickname goes - I think you'll have a hard time getting people not to call him Gabe.  Nicknames are a consideration for us  with coming up with names, it's something our child will always have to deal with so if we're not happy with what the obvious nickname is (Gabe, Maddie...etc.) we veto that name.  It makes it difficult, but I really do think you'll have a hard time convincing most people (esp. as your son gets older) to stick with just Gabriel.

    Just my opinion.

     Also - I love the nickname Gabe.  It just makes me think of a friendly and super sweet guy.  IMO - stick with the nickname. Big Smile

  • OUKatieOUKatie member
    I disagree about people calling him Gabe. I've taught a Gabriel, plenty of Madisons, etc., and most have gone by their complete name, not a nn. If you teach him to introduce himself as Gabriel and correct people when they call him a nn, then they will call him by his actual name, nbd.
  • My son is Gabriel.  We love it of course! :)  I will say, it hit me as very weird when he was called Gabrielle the first time.  My husband and I didn't expect that.  The only people who have done that with his name have been nurses.  I found that odd too. 

     Our Gabriel is only 3, but nobody has tried to shorten it to Gabe yet.  We also don't want that, but so far it's worked just to call him Gabriel and everyone else does as well.  We are aware that when he starts school his friends may try to shorten it, and if he's okay with it as he gets older we'll just be okay with it. :)


    Good luck and yay for another Gabriel! :)

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