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feeling baby?

Ok so I am 19 weeks and still am unsure if i've ever felt anything really. Anyone else still not sure? I am so excited to start feeling baby!
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Re: feeling baby?

  • I never felt any flutters, it skipped right to light thumps (kicks) & that wasn't until recently. I don't feel them every day, but occasionally I do. I had my a/s yesterday and she said that is normal too. Within the next few weeks I should start feeling him more.
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  • I am exactly 19 weeks and am not completely sure if I am feeling light thumps (kicks) or if it's just gas. I actually called my doctor two days ago because I was concerned and the nurse said the norm is around 20 weeks. I don't have my a/s until next Thursday so I am getting very anxious. It is nice to read others are in the same boat. I keep telling myself we are all different and I will know for sure soon. 
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  • I'm in the same boat. Still unsure if I have felt baby. But i can see my stomach growing so I know that's a good sign. My doctor said that everyone is different and that the earliest you can start to feel is 16 weeks and some people don't even feel baby until 22 weeks. He also said that it doesn't have anything to do with baby development either. So not to worry if you (or I) start to feel later. Baby is doing well!

    Have my a/s on Monday and we are looking forward to finding out sex of baby then!

  • Feel the same way here, although I'm a week behind you. I can't tell if it's gas or if i'm actually feeling something sometimes. I also get nervous, since I haven't heard a heartbeat in so long. Movement would help me feel more confident that baby is doing ok in there. I'm counting down the days until my a/s in two weeks!!!
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  • I had a huge smile on my face yesterday because for the first time I knew what I felt was baby.  For about an hour and a half I felt constant movement. And then, nothing. Today it's been very sporatic and kind of back to the "was that baby". 

    Honestly, I was starting to worry a lot and yesterday just calmed my nerves. 

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  • I think I felt some flutters last week at week 19.

    Now on occasion my belly feels like I imagine a clothes dryer would. Like something tumbling in there. I was expecting more of a defined kick sensation but that hasn't happened yet.

    DD 9/15/12
  • I can feel flutters and some movements... half the time I am not sure if it is things rearranging, gas, or the baby. This is the second one, so I tend to figure some of the lower movements are the baby.  This morning my daughter commented that the lower half of my belly was getting hard - she likes to say greet the baby when she sees me (very excited to be a big sister).

    The baby's movements will become more obvious and noticeable as the baby grows.
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  • Ive felt some light taps and pops on and off for about 2 weeks. : )
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  • Ive been feeling flutters since 14 weeks, but with my first it was closer to 20 weeks I "think"
  • I'll be 18w tomorrow and haven't yet felt anything that I know for certain is the baby...can't wait to feel the little one though!
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