Basic BFing questions

I am very determind to bf this time around, and so I'm asking questions. First, what would be a good pump? I'm leaning towards the Tommee Tippie but I want to get some reviews before I spend the money on it. Second, when I feel like I'm not producing enough in the first few weeks, should I give DS formula?
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Re: Basic BFing questions

  • Your pump depends on whether you'll be exclusive or not.  If you go exclusive, invest in a good double electric or even hospital grade.  I have a Medela Twin Electric.  In the beginning you do not want to supplement...just keep nursing; otherwise you won't increase your supply.  If you feel like you aren't producing enough, try eating oatmeal, take fenugreek, and stay hydrated. 
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  • First I love my Medela pump in style pump, it is a good double electric pump that holds up well. 

    Second I would NOT supplement with formula in the first weeks unless it's 100% necessary to your lo health. Supplementing with formula can lead to a low supply forever since your breasts work on supply and demand.  Just put your baby to your breast a lot to nurse and stimulate your supply.

    I also highly recommend taking a class before lo is born.  

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  • I have a Medela PISA.

    Your second question doesn't make sense. I would seek out the advice of an LC before giving my baby formula.  You can't really "feel" like you aren't producing enough.



  • I loved my freestyle. I searched a while and finally got a good deal, it ended up being the same price as a pisa... But that was 3 years ago, not sure about pricing deals now.
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  • I second the Freestyle. It's a double electric pump that runs on a rechargeable battery and weighs about a pound. It's portable and efficient.

    For your second question- no need to supplement early on unless instructed by your doctor. I supplemented early with my first and was never able to establish a good supply. Allow your newborn to nurse as much as he/she wants. You'll know that they're getting enough if they are having enough wet and dirty diapers and gaining weight. I've learned a ton just by reading the posts in this forum and I am now successfully bfing my 4 month old.

     Good luck!!

  • I have a Medela Swing, single. I only pump once a day before bed, so that is plenty for me. If you will be pumping more than that, I would get a double. I love my Medela, though. 

    I agree with pp. No formula in the first few weeks unless vital to LOs health, i.e. Losing too much weight. Needing to flush the system of high bilirubin levels, etc... Find a good LC, they are SO helpful those first few weeks.  

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  • Hi!

    I agree with PP that the type of pump you should get depends on how frequently you plan on using it.  Most women who work use a double electric, but if you SAH, a manual for occasional expression, or a single electric, should be sufficient.

    Regarding your second question.  You should not give formula if you are committed to breastfeeding unless directed to by your pediatrician or a lactation consultant.  Even then, you should be aware that not all doctors are trained to give breastfeeding advice, so caution should be used when listening.

    Have you done any reading on breastfeeding?  Do you have support in place?  I would suggest signing up for a breastfeeding class through your hospital if you haven't done so already (bring your partner or support person), and I would also contact your local LLL to get the number for a good lactation consultant.  Breastfeeding in the early day of your babies arrival can be tiring, but the amount of stuff needed is usually minimal.  A boppy pillow can be nice, some breast pads, and lanolin are usually sufficient.  

     Also, check out if you have a chance (sorry not clicky).  It is the go-to website for all things breastfeeding related.

    Good luck! 

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  • memo9memo9
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    Are you going back to work?  If so, when?
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