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miscarriage & bloat ????(TMI warning)

I started spotting yesterday and was informed that I was going to have a miscarriage because my beta had dramatically dropped. Fast forward to today and the heavier bleeding and bad cramps have started. What I wasn't expecting was my belly to swell and feel hard. 

Has anyone else experienced bloating during miscarriage? if so, how long did it last? 

I really can't stand suddenly looking pregnant knowing I no longer am.  

Re: miscarriage & bloat ????(TMI warning)

  • Unfortunately it's perfectly normal.  I think mine only lasted a day or two after the m/c was complete. 

    I very sorry for your loss.

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  • Yes that happened to me... I felt like for a whole week my uterus was growing rapidly.  My husband and i went to see the doctor to get our first look at heart beat and there was not one. Just under went D&C Monday. So crazy one minute you look like your baby bump is coming out then come to find out you have had a loss. So sad. They said we measured 8 weeks when we should have been measuring 9 or 10 weeks.
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