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Unexpected u/s

At my last u/s they told me DS was only 5lb3oz and that he has slowed down in growth a lot.  They faxed all this info to the Navy Hospital....I go for u/s's out in town.  When I went for my regular OB appt. they felt my stomach and said he doesn't feel like just 5lbs so they were contemplating sending me back for another u/s.

I just got a call from the hospital with a confirmation that they do want another u/s and it's for tomorrow morning.  I'm praying DS is bigger and that the last u/s was just a mistake in measurement.  I'm soooo nervous because if he is still small they want to induce me...I could use some good thoughts sent my way if it's not too much trouble Big Smile


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Re: Unexpected u/s

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