Dr. Luke's Book and Suggested Work Absence Schedule

So, after seeing so many recommendations to read Dr. Luke's Book for Multiples, I am finally reading it. In her book she states you should not be expecting to work past your 28th week.

This has been on my mind lately as I am getting more sore and more tired every day. My doctor, OB, does not have a specific date as to when she pull multiple mom's from work, unless there are complications. I work a desk job, 9 hrs a day, 40 hrs a week. Working from home is not an option. I dont want to push it, and work too long and then regret it, but my work does not understand the concept of multiple babies as it is.

Any suggestions? How did you know when you were ready to stop working? How did you tell your boss? Did you cut back your hours first?

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Re: Dr. Luke's Book and Suggested Work Absence Schedule

  • I worked a full time desk job until 32w. That was when I threw in the towel and asked my OB to write me out. I was still fine to work at 28w.
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  • My OB won't sign me out unless there's a medical reason for me to stay home. My last day of work/end of school year is at 31w4d. I can't wait. 
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    They pulled me out at 26w due to a shortened cervix, but I felt fine up until about 32w and would have loved to keep working until then (I have a desk job as well). 

    If your job isn't being understanding then I would just let your body and your doctor guide you.  If you think they would be open to a discussion then it certainly wouldn't hurt to say "With multiples it's more common to have issues during the pregnancy and to have to go out of work early.  If things come up, would working part time be an option?  I just want to let my doctor know what my options are so that she knows and can make medical decisions accordingly." 

    Personally I wanted to work as long as possible for financial reasons and I was really unhappy when I had to stop.  Being home alone all day, every day sucks, and my body got so used to inactivity that when the babies got here I was just exhausted from having so much to do (not that I wouldn't have been tired anyway, but I think it made it worse).  I asked to be allowed to work from home and was given approval the day before my MFM pulled me out of work entirely. 

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  • jellolzjellolz member

    my OB automatically takes you out of work at 30 weeks. it's not strict bedrest, but he wants you on the couch for the most part. he said i can do a load of laundry or cook dinner, but no walking around for 3 hours shopping.

    i'm a big freaking weenie. i can't leave right this minute because of it being our busiest time, but my in laws get here on the first, which i've already taken a week of vacation for. i'm going to ask him to sign so that i don't come back, and that would put me out at 27 weeks. i'm just so tired and uncomfortable and pissy. it's only 3 weeks early, so i'm certain he will sign me out.

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  • I plan on working through 31 weeks- Im a teacher and thats the end... but Im 27 weeks and feeling not so great...
  • First, "Dr." Luke isn't a medical doctor, however, this is something that I sort of agree with.  To a point.  There's a lot of controversy on whether or not "bedrest" actually helps prolong pregnancy and prevent PTL and low birth weights in mutliples, but the concept of "rest" and basically not working after a certain point enjoys a lot of support from a lot of corners.  My OB and MFM both recommend it and in fact have always had 28 weeks in mind for me to go out of work.  Several MoMs I know have worked to the end though - 36/37 weeks - and been fine.  But, I can tell you for me, right now, I'm tired.  I want out.  However, financially I cannot swing being out for weeks and weeks before the babies get here.  So I'm working on an increased work from home schedule. 

    Best thing is to discuss it with your doctor, find out under what circumstances he/she would write you out and then discuss with HR.  Find out what your benefits allow and how it might impact you.  For me, I have 12 paid weeks of leave to use whenever related to pregnancy, and then I can take unpaid.  The catch is that after my 12 weeks paid  are up I have to pay COBRA rates to maintain my insurance and since DH is a SAHD and I carry health insurance for our entire family that makes going out too early really cost prohibitive. 

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  • My OB generally felt like walking around was good for me.  I never had any cervical length issues, so I wound up working until almost noon the day of my c-section at 37 weeks. (It wasn't really planned that way - that's just how it worked.)

     I work a desk job, but I have about a 1/3 of a mile walk to my office every morning.  Toward the end, I started working from home a little more often.

  • I'm really hoping I can continue to work close to the end because I only get the standard 12 weeks of unpaid FMLA, and I really want to use that time at home after the babies are here rather than before. Luckily I have a desk job so hopefully that can be possible, but if I was on my feet all day? No way. My back hurts and my ankles swell just from walking around SuperTarget! Major kudos to nurses and teachers and others who are on their feet for a good part of the day.
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  • I had frequent BH contractions at 28 w and my dr suggested working fewer hours, which I did. My BP was on the rise at 33 weeks so he pulled me completely.

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  • I stopped working at 16 weeks due to shorrtening cervix. It was still 2.6 when I stopped but it's down to 1.5 now. I'm a nurse and was on my feet for 12 hour days. I just knew that wasn't going to work. My MFM was really supportive and said he didn't care about my job he just wanted me to get to 32 weeks so whatever I thought would get me there he would support (My Ob was not from that school of thought but that's a whole different story) Fortunately my boss also had twins and was super supportive. Basically there is nothing your boss can do to you legally if your doctor pulls you out. I would just suggest being open with both the doctors and your boss. I feel as long as you prepare them and not blind side them they adjust a little easier.
  • I'm a teacher, and didn't have the option of scaling back hours. I figured out when I could stop working and not have to come back before summer break started. For me, that was 31 weeks. I had this goal in mind and I think that really helped me keep up my motivation and get things wrapped up nicely for my substitute. 

    I think setting a goal is a good idea, and unless you have other directions from your doctor, just play it by ear. I was honest with my boss about my ability to work and what my "goal" date was. He appreciated that I was being consciousnesses about it and proactive.  


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  • My OB was going to put me out whenever I wanted (as they should). I went part time at 15 weeks and planned to go till 30 wks working part time then stop. I knew I was done when I went into preterm labor at 25weeks. My body had been telling me to be done for about 2 weeks but I kept pushing it. Listen to your body and don't worry about your works narrowmindedness.
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  • I haven't read the book, but my doctor just pulled me off of work last Thursday at 35w5d.  My original plan was to work through this Friday, but then I was so sore and swollen the last two weeks, that I had decided last Friday would be my last day.  Thursday night I went to one of my twice weekly NST's and my BP was up, and with the swelling, I was told that I was done with work for now. 

    Oh, I also have a desk job, so I just sit all day, but that's partly why I was so sore.  Even with plenty of cushioning on my butt, it started to feel like I had none. Every time I would get up from my desk, I would be incredibly uncomfortable.

    I guess you just have to discuss it with your doctor, and listen to your body.

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  • my OB told me to expect to leave work between 24-28w even if all was fine... he felt that over-doing it was a big risk with twins - and my job had me on my feet and driving all day (sales) and really didn't want me doing it longer than that.

     I left work at 27w b/c the timing went well with the end of a quarter.  All was fine - and i took it easy and made it to 38w1d with no signs of labor (after having PTL with my singleton before that, it was a shock to everyone).  I credit taking it easy and not having any stress.... and would do it the same in a heartbeat if I ever had twins again (haha!).

    you'll never regret taking time off to cook those babies.

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