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Help with overnight diaper

Hello all,

My LO is a heavy wetter. I have stuffed a pocket with a prefold (a large one 4-8-4), also with 2 and 3 inserts, also the large prefold AND a microfiber insert. Yet every morning, DS is soaked through the diaper and his pj's.

Can you give me a recommendation? Not Kawaii. as I have 2 of those and they are the worst offenders.


Thanks in advance 

Re: Help with overnight diaper

  • We use fitteds and wool for about a month now. No leaks!

     wool soaker: Wolly Bottom/Ecoposh

    Fitteds: Bamboozle (w/ extra doubler), Bububebe, old school cool or goodmama (w/ extra doubler)

     In love with this setup!

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    Sounds time to try a fitted diaper. Maybe with a cover you have first or with wool. I love the Sbish OS fitted. They are among the least expensive of the great fitteds. Old School Cool is really popular around here too.
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  • I prefer fitteds with wool for overnight.

    But, I'd suggest trying hemp inserts in your pockets first before switching to a different overnight system.

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  • We use the new Thirsties Duo AIOs with their Fab Doubler for night. DS isn't a super heavy wetter and I could probably go without the doubler.
  • We use a BG 4.0 with the microfiber insert and 2 hemp babies inserts. Also, I don't snap down the rise snaps so I can get it tighter around his waist because of the bulk.
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  • I use BG 4.0 with a Hemp insert and a  BG insert.  No leaks.  Hemp on top.  BG insert on bottom.
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  • Time to move to fitteds. We use GM goodnight with a joeybunz premium hemp insert behind it in a PUL cover. I prefer the Weehuggers cover, but any good double gusset cover will do. We use wool sometimes, but MH likes to use our wool covers during the day, so I try to save them for him. My LO goes 12+ hours without a leak.
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  • I do either a BG4.0 with both inserts + a terry cloth burp rag or an Imagine (at Nicki's Diapers) with the insert and 2 terry cloth burp rags. Works very well!

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