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My sisters teamed up on me

And went on and on about how big I've gotten, how I am a planet, how much bigger I am than they were when they were pregnant.  My one sister gained like 90 pounds with her first pregnancy and 75 pounds with her second.  I've gained 22 pounds, well within normal range.  My other sister measured big her entire pregnancy.  I am measuring right on track at 57 percentile.  They just couldn't get over it and spent all of Mothers Day dinner commenting about how big I am.  And rubbing my belly like I am buddha.  OMG, how swollen your feet and ankles are! (They aren't swollen) OMG, how tiny your boobs look in comparison to your belly! (It's true, my breast size hasn't changed, thank God).  And then when I started getting upset, they said "But it's cute!".  I don't feel cute.  I feel like a huge, waddling, she-beast and my loving sisters spent three hours confirming that feeling for me.  I loved the (from one sister to the other right in front of me) "can you believe how much bigger she's going to get in the next five weeks?"

So now I am in a hole of self-pity.  Happy mothers day.

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Re: My sisters teamed up on me

  • I'm sorry.  That was really bitchy of them.  I applaud you for not reminding them just how big they were when they were pregnant.  I probably would not have been as nice as you sound like you were.  Your tongue must be bleeding from biting it all day. 
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  • It is shiity that people tend to want to drag others down to feel better about themselves. If it went on and on like you said, I probably would have snapped and ended the evening at some point.
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  • Ugh, I'm happy to not have sisters!  My MIL and mom are bad enough.  Sorry you feel crappy, just tell them to shove it!  They are probably only jealous because you are a cute little pregnant lady while they were whales during their pregnancies.
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  • Uh, I hate how everyone thinks they can say anything to you when your pregnant.  Dont people realize we are delicate and full of raging hormones?! You sound like your right on track for your pregnancy, dont let them bring you down. Smile

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  • Don't they know about 'The Code'? There are certain things you do NOT say to a pregnant woman - and other things that you ALWAYS says regardless of the truth content.

    Was YH with you at all? Or anyone there that could stick up for you? 

    Oh *hugs* I know I would have been bawling and miserable for hours... and likely would be ignoring all communications from them until I was over how miserable they made me feel (which in all honesty is more to stop me from lashing out at them than anything). 

    It sounds like you are healthy looking, and that they are jealous of how wonderful you look. So, they are reverting to school-yard tactics to put you down to feel better about themselves, or even just try and get a rise out of you (so they can then say 'geeze, we were just joking). Either way - people suck. *hugs* 

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  • Why didn't you tell the to shut the hell up?

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  • I have 2 sisters and I can say that one of mine likes to put everyone down to make herself feel better. Its a defense mechanism to cover up insercurities. They probably think you are so tiny compared to them OR they have pregnancy amnesia and forget how huge they got. 

    Dont let them walk all over you...if you do it know, when you have the baby they will be even worse.  

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