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So my DD has circular dry patches on her abd, elbows and behind one knee....fairly sure it's eczema.   What have you mommies done to help get rid of it?
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Re: Eczema?

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    Well DS has dry, red skin on his cheeks, and the doctor said it was eczema. I am not convinced, but we had tried everything else, so she told us to use 0.5% hydrocortizone cream on it, but she did say not to use it for more than a week at a time, because it is a steroid, and also tends to thin out the skin. It didn't cure it, it comes and goes. Maybe take her to the pedi just to be sure? I'd want to check before using a steroid cream on her. Aveeno also makes a baby eczema cream, I just bought it a couple days ago because we had been using the hydrocortizone for too long, and it seems to be looking better. I read reviews online and people rave about the stuff.
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  • My friend's nephew had eczema and his pedi suggested Eucerin. DS has the same type of patches and eucerin clears it up pretty well. I mentioned it (both the patches and eucerin) to our pedi and she seemed to think we were dealing with it in the correct way. I don't know if that's what she would have recommended if we weren't already doing it, but she didn't suggest changing anything.

    We also keep a humidifier in his room at night. When we skip either the lotion or the humidifier, he has another flare up. 

  • Quick daily baths in luke warm water will help remove the dry flaky skin and open the pores for moisturizing, never scrub, pick, peel the eczema.  Pat your LO dry, don't rub and then liberally cover the patches with a cream like VaniCream, CeraVe, Cetaphil (the cream part is very important, not lotion) and then once that has soaked in cover the areas with aquaphor.  We repeat aquaphor 2-3 times a day depending on how bad his eczema is each day.  It's important to keep this routine up even when the eczema is under control, you always want to stay ahead of it.  If you stay ahead of it you won't need to use steroids.

    Many people and even some docs will tell you not to bathe daily, all the new research says that is wrong.  You can do some googling and read about this on the National Eczema Assoc website, but every doc we've talked to that recommends daily baths always starts out with, "I know you've probably been told to avoid daily baths, but the new research now shows that to be wrong".  We've tried both ways and DS does 100x better with daily baths and immediate moisturizing than with baths every 2-3 days as the old recommendations go.

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  • Our pedi was very adamant we not use anything with a steroid on it unless it was a last resort, that includes a otc cream like hydrocortisone.  Ask your pedi about that before you try it.  

    What has worked for us is this regimine.


    • - Neutrogena Fragrance Free Sesame Oil in the tub and slathered on his body after the bath.
    • - Aquaphor before he gets his pjs on (NAME BRAND aquaphor.  We tried generic for weeks to no avail.  The name brand worked right away.)


    • - Aquaphor before he gets clothes put on for the day. 
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  • Thank you everyone!! Will definitely try these suggestions...luckily it's not scaling or peeling...just reddened dry spots so I hope to stop it before it would get worse!
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  • Cetaphil Cream works for us! After every bath.
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