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We really want to CD our little one (when he/she comes out, anyway), but here is our dilemma.  We can't survive on one income, and childcare with CD is looking like an uncomfortable option.  Day care centers we've talked to act like CD is some giant chore or something, and even my mother, who is hoping to move down here to help out with the baby, is squeamish about using them.

So I found gDiapers.  It looks like a good compromise.  Cloth inserts for when baby is home with me and H, and biodegradable/compostable/flushable/disposable inserts for daycare/grandma care.  Sounds good.

But has anyone used these?  How's their leak protection? Do they leave uncomfortable marks on baby?

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Re: gDiapers?

  • Have you shown the cloth diapers to daycare? I found that when I actually showed them a pocket diaper and told them all they'd have to do is put the dirty one in the bag I provide rather than the trash, they were very willing.

    We just dump the poo and rinse them every night and I do laundry after work every 3rd day.

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  • I agree with pp. Prestuffed pockets or AIOs are perfect for DC/sitters. Just like a sposie as far as they're concerned, except they put dirty ones in a wet bag instead of a trash bag. Easy. 

    gDiapers are no good. They are the only "cloth" diaper that 98% of us on the board hate. They do not work. They leak all the time. They are adorable pieces of sh!t. To top it off, they are more expensive than other real CDs.

    I urge you to check out the FAQs at the top of the board and look into more reputable CDs. If you have any other questions, please ask. GL! :)

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  • Honestly, I have two gDiapers & both insert types that we got from friends who didn't use them, and they look like way more of a PITA than most of our other cloth diapers.  As a daycare worker (or anyone), I would prefer a prestuffed pocket or AIO to a gdiaper any day - I can't even figure out how the disposable inserts are supposed to fit into the gdiaper cover, even though they are the 'right' size. 

    Show the daycare a velcro/aplix pocket,and a wet bag to throw them in, and then see what they say about CD-ing.  It isn't necessarily the prefolds that they are picturing.  

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    In our state, daycares wouldn't be allowed to use gdiapers.  They're required to change the entire diaper (cover and insert) at every change.  Honestly, gdiapers seem like a lot of work compared to other CD systems.  

    We sent BG 4.0s with aplix (velcro) to DC and had no issues.  On the days we were behind on laundry and sent diapers with snaps, they had no trouble with those either.  Maybe take a OS pocket and show them what they'd be using?  Some people have trouble imagining what a modern CD looks like.

    ETA: I've also heard about flushable liners/inserts destroying sewer systems.  I wouldn't flush any insert, despite how much the label says you can.

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  • gDiapers are expensive. FLIP, GroVia and Charlie Banana are better systems but will also add up with the disposable inserts. At any rate, I agree, show the DCs the cloth diapers and they will surely agree.
  • We never tried the compostable inserts but did use the size smalls with cloth inserts for a while. What I liked is that it was a trim fit and they were cute. But they had frequent leaks, were expensive, and are actually more work than pocket diapers if you ask me.

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  • I wouldn't waste my money on those. Honestly. They don't work well and are a PITA to use. All in ones and pockets are way easier. But if you like the idea of a hybrid cloth/disposable then I highly recommend Grovia.

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  • So I'll provide another opinion and be the first to say that I love gDiapers, at least for the newborn stage. (my ill one is two weeks and a day and his cord stump just fell off today~ have to update ticker) the two reasons why I have preferred them to my thirsties covers and wool to this point are that I use a movement monitor (Snuza go) at nighttime as my sister and I had sleep apnea and it gives me piece of mind. This monitor clips onto the baby's diaper and did not stay securely on the thirsties snap cover. The folded over thirsties snap cover also seemed to still bother his umbilical cord stump and there was wetness that seeped up a couple times. I had found some unused gDiapers covers at a thrift store for less than a dollar each but only one was a small. The small fit my son perfectly, even when his weight dropped below eight pounds the first week and the movement monitor stayed secure. I use microfiber with a fleece liner and homemade flannel flat fold diapers in my gDiapers covers. I went out and bought two more smalls and have been using them almost exclusively. With a pee diaper I just change the cloth insert and reuse the cover. With a poopy diaper where a little bit of poop is on the pocket liner I hand wash the cover and it's pocket liner and air dry between uses. I have not had a blowout yet with them! I had seen all the negative comments about them on this board and honestly would not have tried them if I hadn't seen them in our thrift store. I honestly would not enjoy cloth diapering as much to this point without them. I still have my thirsties covers and snappis and wool and think that now that his cord is off I might enjoy them more as I won't have to worry about irritation, but I really love the gDiapers and would encourage you to try a two pack of smalls at least to see if you like them too :)
  • I have a love/hate relationship with the gDiapers. You have to do a lot of adjusting of the insert liner to make sure it is positioned correctly. The cloth inserts aren't that absorbent and my LO leaked EVERY time. The disposable ones though, seem to work pretty well. I only got a couple of the covers for traveling. The disposable inserts are going to cost you where you only make a one time investment with CD's.

    I have to say that I really doubt your DC would be willing to deal with the extra steps involved with the gDiapers. You would be better off taking a pocket or all in one with aplix fasteners and showing them how easy it is.


    Good Luck :)




  • I've only heard bad things about gDiapers,  Maybe look into All-in-2s, such as Best Bottoms or GroVia?  Although pockets and All-in-ones would be the most similar to disposables for your daycare provider.
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