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I am pregnant with our first and I was wondering when you start to show?  I am 15 weeks and nothing yet.  Is that normal?

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  • I'm 13 weeks, also FTM, not showing yet. If I totally relax I get a little belly pudge, but it's not a "bump" lol. I bet it depends on your body type in some way. I'll enjoy it for now, but I'm looking forward to my bump too :o)

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    I didn't show with my first till over 22 weeks.
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  • I didn't show with my first until 19 weeks. This time around I was showing at around 12.
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  • With my son, I started really showing around 15 weeks.

    This pregnancy, since its my second and twins, I feel like I showed way earlier.

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  • I didn't start showing with my first until about 6 months (it was 10 years ago so I don't remember how many weeks) and with my second pregnancy, twins, I didn't show until about 20 weeks.  Everyone's body is different so I wouldn't worry about not showing yet.  

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  • With my first I was wearing maternity clothes at 16 weeks. Not sure I needed to but they didn't have bellabands and stuff like that 9 years ago. Hahaha. This is my third and I am wearing the bellaband and have a bump *sometimes*....depending on what I eat and what time of day it is!

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  • I'm 15 weeks I notice it when I don't have clothes on. Mostly just that the space between my hips is popped out and my hip bones are disappearing, but with clothes you can't tell, except for my enormous boobs.

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  • With my first I didn't wear maternity clothes until about 17 weeks, and wasn't visibly pregnant until around 20. 

    This time, I've been in maternity for a couple of weeks, and am showing enough that strangers have commented. I guess my 9 lb first child stretched my stomach out quite a bit. lol

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  • I just have a unflattering pudge lol my husband can't wait for me to be showing more
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  • image kfrix13:
    I didn't show with my first until 19 weeks. This time around I was showing at around 12.


  • I'm not showing yet either!!!!! I don't even have a pudge or anything!!!
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  • I think I was around 18-19 wks for my first pregnancy...and I'm starting to get a little bump now @ 12 wks... Others probably wouldn't say I'm showing yet, but in the evenings, there's no hiding it!

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  • I didn't start showing with my first until 20+ weeks.  I'm not showing with this pregnancy yet either but have definitely started thickening up.
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  • I'm 13 weeks and a few days and no longer fit in ANY of my pre-pregnancy cloths (sans sun dresses and a couple skirts).  However, I am also 5 foot 0 and only weighed 113 at week 5 when I found out.  I'm only 115 now but the baby has all of my insides smooshed up into my rib cage already.  I wake up in the morning and look almost like normal but by the end of the night between food and liquids my tummy is quite rounded, much to the delight of family.


    Don't worry I'm sure your body will develop its pooch soon.  Ive heard that most women really don't start showing until midway through their 2nd trimester, when they all of a sudden just 'pop.'

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  • Totally normal. I think, with my first, I wasn't really showing until closer to 20ish weeks, and I literally just woke up one day with a belly. Every person and every pregnancy are different, though...
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  • I'm just under 12 weeks and I'm in my maternity uniform (Air Force uniform) and I have had to buy some maternity bottoms. This is our first child. The scale hasn't really changed, I just am showing quickly. I'm a very healthy eater, so it's not that I'm eating "for two", or eating bad, etc...I am only 5'3" and have an athletic build, so some have told me it's because of my body type is the reason for me showing quicker. I wouldn't worry if you're not showing yet.

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  • With my first 2, I wasn't in maternity pants until 15w and maternity shirts around 20w. It wasn't totally obvious that I was PG until sometime after that. This time around, I think it will be sooner. I don't have many pants left that fit.

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  • With my first, I just looked fatter for a long time, I didn't look pg until around 20wks. I was 22wk when the first random stranger asked when I was due - I was so exited that it was obvious! LOL!
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  • This is my first and I am definitely showing. I am 15 weeks. We have decided I am either having the incredible hulk or an amazon woman. I have been in maternity clothes since week 11. I am also not a heavy girl.  I have only gained 10lbs and doc says everything is fine. Somewhere in my head and everyone in my families head thinks I may be having twins. But we shall see. 
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