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Can we talk about discharge? [:)]

Last two days I have noticed an increase....last night it was slightly pinkish tinged and this AM there was a lot.  Did anyone exp. this before they went into labor?  I am trying not to get my hopes up but I am ready for this baby to make his entrance.

I also for the past two days have had non-stop (for the most part) BH contractions with some painful ones....Is there any hope that I won't turn into a June mom?

On a side note, the guy at the gas station this morning told me I looked like I was going to pop. Great. I already feel giant, way to make my morning.

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Re: Can we talk about discharge? [:)]

  • I had this on and off for three days before DD2 was born. With DD1 I lost mucus for a week before she came!
  • I've had an increase this week as well... I lost my mucus plug last week after my internal and then on Tuesday after my internal, I had some mild spotting. Wed-Fri I have had a huge increase in discharge. I've had to change my panty liner just about every hour and it has a brown tinge to it. (TMI) -- I know. I hope it means something is coming!!! Hoping it will be a baby. :)

    I've had BH's but nothing consistent... I had a few contractions (what I call real/fake contractions) but nothing constant. 

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