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Mom Rant.. thanks for listening!

So long story short I have 2 dogs, one that is very well behaved I have had for 3 years and one that has been acting out (barking constantly, scratching doors, anxiety issues) that I have had 8 years.  I love my dog that is misbehaving; however since I have had my daughter (now 2) and another baby on the way he is getting to be too much for us to handle, I know if he got more attention he would straighten back up and I have tried but nothing has worked.  Sooooo, I have been reluctantly thinking of options such as finding him a new home..  I hate to do this but I don't know what else to do either.. So my mom finds this out and totally goes crazy telling me how horrible I am and what a terrible person I would be to find him a different home..  and I shoudl just put him to sleep instead because he would just wait at the door for me to pick him up everyday if he lived somewhere else, and don't ask her to ever get close to anything or anyone in my family if I'm just going to throw them away when times get tough... SERIOUSLY if I didn't feel bad about this already she certainly put me over the top... Why can't she be understanding and maybe ask me what I have done with the dog, make further suggestions, offer to take him for me once and awhile to give me a break or to give him some additional exercise...

Now I'm expected to go spend Saturday with her for Mothers day.. really I don't even want to be around her... sorry I know this story my seem pointless but I'm pregnant and this is not easy to deal with right now.. UGH!

Re: Mom Rant.. thanks for listening!

  • I'm sorry she made you feel that way!  My dog used to have anxiety issues (so bad that's she'd pee on the floor if I shut her on the outside of the door when I used the bathroom).  I got a baby gate and gated her out of my room at night.  It helped her learn she was okay by herself by allowing her to see me but not be near me.  I have also crate trained her (kept her kenneled/crated while I was away from the house to make her feel safe and prevent her from being destructive).  I wonder if these things might help you?
  • All great ideas.. He doesn't have an issue when I am away actually doesn't mind his crate.  It is when I am home that he bark constantly and scratches at doors etc...  He just never seems to settle down and the barking is what is the hardest to deal with... constantly waking up my daughter..  And if I put him in the laundry room or outside during the time she is falling asleep he will bark and scratch up everything. Luckly, knock on wood he does not pee inside the house, but I fear that is the next attention grabbing step he will take..



  • That sounds a little different than my situation was.  I wonder if your vet might have some ideas?  I'm tempted to suggest a shock collar for the barking, but am a little afraid of getting flamed (it worked super fast on our other dog...after 2-3 doorbell rings, he learned to stop barking at the doorbell).  We got it for $50 to fix the barking (nothing else was working) and he only wears it during our active training sessions.

     It's nice to hear that you're trying to do what's best for the pooch!

  • LOL so funny, I actually just got him one a month ago, it is a gradual shocking which means it starts out really low and increases in intensity until he stops barking.. Thought it wouldn't be so mean, well he's a smart little thing and realizes that he can get a good 4 barks out before the shock really bothers him.. I wish they understood english so I could say "listen buddy you have a home here you need to shape up though".. So hard I feel like I'm at my wits end!
  • I have a dog with major behavior issues! I took her to a training that was for two hours and was about 50 dollars and has seriously changed our life! Some suggestions that I found useful could maybe work for your dog too! keep in mind they are so frustrating and take time but once the habit is broke its broke:

    -can of pennies to shake loud when the dog wont stop barking: this shocks them and they hate the loud noise

    -crated every night, during the day while I am at work: i felt so bad at first but she calms down so much in her crate now and will go in there just to relax!

    -if its a little dog which mine is, I have her on a short 10 inch chain hooked to a 10lb weight for when we are watching tv, eating dinner, getting ready. this just helps her understand that she doesnt need to be running everywhere and can just be calm by knowing where i am.

    -teaching her BED: I lay a blanket on the ground and take her to it with her leach and tell her bed. this is her area to lay on, walk on, eat a bone on. but she cannot leave the blanket. every time she leaves you instantly grab the leash and walk her back to it. this just helps her know she has her space too but does not need to wonder!

    Hope something helps so you really arent getting rid of a loved pet. 

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  • talk to your vet...as crazy as it sounds, I had a dog on anti-anxiety meds. She was literally a lunatic when I wasn't home. She would pee on the couch bc she was looking out the window for us (fun times). She would howl like a wolf when we weren't there. She once chewed through a wooden door (a hole big enough for her to get through, and she was only alone about 4-5 hours). My vet made me double check for all sorts of diseases that could be causing her anxiety and they all came back negative. Once she was on the medicine, she was a much more mellow dog. She calmed down and she would only have an occasional accident.
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