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DIY Maternity clothes

Has anyone tried making maternity clothes?, I'm trying find some ways I can change some old tops into maternity shirts. I live in a very small town (I graduated with 15 other people if that gives you an idea) and the closest maternity store is 3 hours away. I don't have the money to spend on the expensive clothing or the gas to get there haha. If anyone has done any DIY tops or pants let me know I'd like to try it out!

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  • There are some great tutorials I seen on Pinterst. Basically get an extra big shirt and then you sew elastic on the inside seams, it sounds pretty easy! Also I have been able to buy some really cheap things online at Old Navy, I got some tshirts for about $10 and a dress for $12. Also I have found that I can wear 1x in Plus Size and it fits my bump very well and they are cheaper than maternity clothes!! Also I found that even XL's will fit and should fit for the next few months, again those are cheaper than actual maternity clothes! Good Luck!
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  • While I am not making my own (sewing skills are not the best) just wanted to offer some feedback. I have purchased 2 maternity t-shirts and 1 sweater in stores (Target and Kohls) - and 2 pairs of jeans from Forever 21. I also have 1 dress. I've probably only spent $50 or less on actual maternity clothes. I have purchased a pair of gauchos and skirt (not maternity) with elastic waists that I will wear now and should still fit post pregnancy. I also had 3 pairs of dress pants with elastic waists and a pair of jean leggings (and a few pairs of normal leggings). I've purchased two tank tops from Kohls in one size up (they are longer style) and a couple tops from walmart (again one size up and they were on clearance for $1) - So just because you are not near an actual maternity store there still may be options - I personally look for things that fit me, not maternity (not all maternity fits me). But if you can make your own then more power to you!

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  • I've only had to make maternity jeans so far. Check youtube out for ideas. It wasn't hard.
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