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Crying and asking for diaper change

DS1 is 2.5 and the past couple days has been whinig and asking for diaper change.  Not sure if the wet diaper is bothering him or if he has a UTI or something else.  Does anyone have this experiece?  TIA!
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Re: Crying and asking for diaper change

  • DD did this when she was teething and shortly after it started the teething rash came on.  Once teething stoped the crying stoped.
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  • Oh, that's sad. I would be concerned too. I haven't had any experience with it though. Is he crying when he pees? or just after?

    If it is after, he may just be aware of the wetness and discomfort. You could try potty training him. If he cries when he is peeing I would take him to the dr.  

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