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my first job LO almost 4 weeks old

I have decided that getting a job is more important, for my LO and myself, than just about anything right now! He is going to be only FF by the end of the month and I'm hoping to get a job before this summer begins (:

Both daddy and I are getting jobs a.s.a.p even though LO is so young. We are both unemployed and have been since the summer before last :/ The only job I've ever had was working with my mom and stepdad so I'll be getting my first real job when/if I get hired!

We are both living with my mom and stepdad, have foodstamps and WIC and are now looking into HUD and TANF...but neither of us want to live off of the state like that! So we are getting full-time, part-time, over-time and any-time jobs!!

I can't wait to live on our own and be able to support ourselves and put some money away for savings, emergencies and start an account for baby too so he can go to college someday. I know he's young now but it just feels right filling out applications to try to provide the best I can for my son!!! 

Any advice, suggestions, and input (about this post) is appreciated! 

Re: my first job LO almost 4 weeks old

  • It sounds like you have a lot going on.  It is nice you are so ambitious.  I would say set some small goals for yourself - filling out x number of applications, ensuring you have a routine that supports your family, etc. While putting your child through college is a great ambition, being able to get on your own is a huge deal given your current status.  Set small goals and go from there.  Also, it seems you have a lot going on based on your other posts - and I recommend maybe seeking help from a counselor.  I am guessing that the state has some programs you would qualify for.  Best wishes. 
  • What is your plan for childcare? 
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  • SO and I are going to couples counseling and we have started going to church also (:

    thank you very much for your kind advice! I am trying not to get too ahead of myself lol

    Well, right now I don't have a lot planned for childcare. I am going to figure that out once I actually get hired somewhere, so that I'll be able to get a schedule.

    Since SO doesn't have a job yet either, whoever gets a job first will be working and the other will be watching LO.

    If SO and I both get jobs, we can juggle watching LO (depending on our work schedules) and then if that isn't able to work, my mom has offered to watch him. She doesn't work or have anything really important going on that would make it too hard to watch LO.

    I have 3 cousins, one older than me and the other 2 are younger, all girls who've said they will watch him if I need them to. But I wouldn't want the younger girls to take him until he's at least 3 months old! And my older cousin works... I also know both of my grandmothers would watch him, one g-ma would be MORE THAN HAPPY because she's a baby fiend LOL but the other would probably not want to watch him for long :/

    That's another reason why I'm thinking about whether or not I just want a part-time or a full-time job! I'm also going to see if there are any nice girls at my church that could start watching him later when I get things going (:

    I know childcare is NOT cheap which is why I'm mostly going to seek help from friends and family. But if SO and I start making enough money then we will definitely look into other childcare solutions! 

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