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first night without mommy and daddy

when did your LO first spend a night away from home, or without a parent? 

I'm going to have my postnatal doctor visit on the 29th, so I'm thinking one of those following nights my SO and I can finally have a night away from home and without baby. I know my mom would probably watch him but I don't think she'd enjoy it. My grandma and grandpa have already volunteered though! They can't wait to have him for the night, ha ha.

Anyone think 7 weeks is too young to spend with someone else??


Re: first night without mommy and daddy

  • I won't do an overnight until LO is STTN, which with DD was over a year. But I had no burning desire to leave her that long before then so it wasn't an issue. For me 7 weeks is way too soon, but for someone else it may be no big deal, it's a personal decision.
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  • I couldn't do soon, maybe at six months for us. 
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  • My sister watched L overnight before she was 2 weeks old. I had a bit of anxiety being away from her but I was so exhausted and she lives a couple blocks down from me. I ended up sleeping for 11 hours straight and felt so much better afterwards. She still watches her from time to time.
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  • 14 months with my first.  I would consider doing it earlier with Carly if the opportunity arose and she was regularly STTN, however I would never leave a 7 week old.  

    That said I am EBF.  If I was FF, I might feel differently.   

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  • I wouldn't leave him overnight until he was sttn. I just feel bad having someone else get up with LO. We left DS1 overnight around 6 months old. We have a wedding at the end of July, so that will probably be the first time we leave them both overnight with my parents! 
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  • Too little IMO....the first time I left dd (for the evening, not overnight was at 9 months) the first time overnight was at 1 year and 8 months and that was only becuase I had to have my 2nd baby and my parents stayed in our home so she could sleep in her own bed....
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  • shotzieshotzie
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    The only time I've been away from DD1 overnight is when I was in the hospital having DD2. So DD1 was almost 2 years old. I think 7 weeks is way too early to leave LO overnight. I wouldn't want to babysit someone's 7 week old either. It's nice your grandparents offered, but have they watched LO during the day yet? I'd want to make sure they are familiar with current safety guidelines like laying baby on its back to sleep, no blankets or anything in the crib, preparing bottles for LO, etc. - I'm well on my way to getting absolutely nothing done today.
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  • At night? No, I don't think it's too early.  Overnight?  I wouldn't do it.  I have an easy baby and I think he would be fine, but it's burdensome to watch your newborn.  Especially since it's basically for a booty call.  Stick out tongue  Ultimately, though, it's really about what you feel comfortable with.
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  • We left DS overnight with my mom when he was 8 wks.  She volunteered to take him overnight, even when I told her that he was still waking around 3am.  She was happy to do it and he was really good for her.  It was a little rough leaving him for that long, so young, but I knew he was safe with my mom and it was nice to have some time alone with DH.  Plus, I have a theory that the longer you wait to be away from LO, the harder it will be when you actually do it.
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  • Absolutely not.  Hubby and I went out for dinner and a movie for his birthday when lo was a day shy of 4 weeks.  He stayed with my mother overnight (from 4pm-8am) (they live next door).  She was begging to have him and had no problem getting up with his two feedings (the little bugger actually slept better for her than he did at home!!!).  She took him again overnight (7pm-10am) at 6 1/2 weeks when I had a girls' night (first time none of the four of us were pregnant) and hubby had some noisy house improvements to do. 

    It's all to do with your comfort level.  I bawled all the way to dinner the first time and called before dinner, after dinner, after the movie, and right before bed.  The second time, I was fine and only called once lol!!!  And he was fine and so was grandma (if not a lil tired).

    If you do go, enjoy it!!! It's amazing how refreshing 8 hours of sleep can be.

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  • DD#1 spent her first night away from both DH and I when she was 18 months old. I wouldn't change that I waited so long.  She is 21 months and has only spent a total of 4 nights away from me. 1 was while I was in the hospital. 
  • We had no choice but to leave her with my mom overnight when she was 9 days old! I went to the emergency room for some severe pain, and ended up having to have an appendectomy. DH stayed with me and my mom stayed with LO. There were no problems that we noticed, she just had to have formula for 48 hours until the medicine was out of my system.
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  • I left LO at 7wkd for a girls nite but DS was with DH at my ILs so that doesn't really count...we went to an OOT wedding when DS was 4mo and left him with ILs. He was STTN so it wasnt a huge deal for MIL. We have left him a few times for longer than 1 night. He was also FF & BM fed. DD is only 4wks and I haven't left her yet. she is EBF and I'm still working on pumping and building up a stash. The first time I can see leaving her is for a wedding in Oct unless something else comes up before hand. 
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  • I miss him at night when I put him down to sleep, there's no way I'm ready to leave him over night. Everyone is different though!
  • I just left my first son overnight with my parents for the first time last week when I was in the hospital having #2! He probably would have been fine before then but I haven't really had a need to leave him overnight otherwise. I definitely wouldn't have been ready at 7 weeks but it is really what you feel comfortable with.
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  • We had a OOT wedding almost 6 hours away when DD was 4 weeks.  We left her with my mom.  She did great.  My mom had no problems and only had to get up twice with her.  She has spent the night with my dad and step mom twice, my mom twice and will be with my mom for a 4 day weekend next month at 4 months.  My step brother is getting married in California and I'm not ready to take her on a 3 hour plane ride, then a 4 hour car trip.  My parents are awesome and DD is the youngest of 6 on my dad's side and the youngest of 4 on my mom's so the grandparents have plenty of experience.

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  • I think it depends on your level of comfort with the caregiver.  Based on the opinions my mom has shared with me, I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving DS with her.  I might with someone else, if I trusted that they wouldn't just leave him to cry it out all night.
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  • Let baby stay when you are ready.  My mom and I are extremely close and live on the same street.  She keeps DS every friday night.  We both think it is incredibly important for DH and I to still have alone time and it is important to us that DS get to spend time with his Grandparents.  She kept him for the first time at 4 weeks old and he does just fine.  She wants him and neither of us would trade the time for anything.  People need to not judge and let parents do what is right for their family and their baby.  If you want to leave LO with your grandparents for a night, then by all means do it.  Who is anyone to judge?  Enjoy your night!

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  • Our LO  will be 7 weeks this Thursday.  This weekend is not only Mothers Day, but our 1 year wedding anniversary.  As much as we LOVE LOVE LOVE LO, we havent had a night to even spend some time together it seems since she got here.  My mom offered to take her for the night so we could celebrate our anniversary, so LO will be staying overnight with grandma.  Some may think 7 weeks is too early, and even some of our friends have had things to say to us, and I already told my mom Im sure I will call often, but she offered.  If it was going to bother her to get up with LO through the night, she wouldnt have offered just to be nice hoping I would decline.  I say go for it, and have fun with your SO!  Everyone needs some time away to reconnect!!!
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  • We are leaving DS for 4 nights at 10 weeks. I'm not thrilled about being away from him, but my mom is watching him so that helps. DH earned this trip by having a great year at work, and there is no way I'm going to make him cancel his reward. He's tried to get this trip for 6 years. At the end of the day, you gotta do what you gotta do. In a perfect world no one would ever be away from our kids, but it's just not reality. I'll miss him, but we parents have a right to blow off some steam and have a break. Don't stress it too much, and don't let people make you feel guilty for being human!
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  • My mom is going to watch DS overnight at least three times in the near future... he will be almost three months the first time and then almost four the second. We have two weddings to go to and my mom offered, so I don't feel like we are burdening her. He doesn't yet STTN, maybe he will by 3 months though.

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  • I'm not too worried about LO being with his great grandparents. They are great with babies and they watched me when I was 6 weeks old, so I am sure they'll do just fine with LO! They also had 3 babies of their own and have 6 grandchildren, all of whom they started taking overnight at a pretty young age.

    Thanks for everyone's input and your specific situations with your LOs (:


  • 7 weeks. I went away for the night.  At 9 weeks we left for a wedding across the country.  Both times my parents babysat and all was well. 

    Also DH and I had the best times together.  It was so needed and we loved it!  We are about to go for a 10-day vacation without her.  I cannot wait.  I will miss her to death, but DH and I need some alone time. 

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  • mumegsmumegs
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    We have a wedding OOT when LO will be about 4 months so that will be the first time, my mom will stay with her. She will be fine, she already comes over and watches her all the time, I'm not worried. The only issue will be pumping since I'm EBF.
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