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Is 3rd too much?

Okay, so i feel like i'm running out of time. I don't really have any names picked out for my LO, and his father really wants to make our baby a III. So many ppl have told me not to name him after my DH bc he will always strive to be just like him. That's not a bad thing, but I do want my LO to have his own personality. Can anyone shed some light on this situation? 

Re: Is 3rd too much?

  • My DH is named after his father, who is named after his father, etc.  Only difference is they all have different middle names, so none of them are Jr or III or any of that.  It was very important to my DH to give his first name to his son, which I didn't 100% like, but I can understand.  Because of the same 1st name being carried on by each 1st born son in a generation, each goes by their middle name.  (ex., All named James, FIL goes by Joe, DH goes by Nick, etc.)  Our son will be named the same way, his middle name will be his own, and we will refer to him by that name.  

     Maybe talk to LO's father about carrying on a part of his name (1st or middle), but making it slightly different so you don't have to include the III? I don't know about all of the "Strive to be like him" info, my husband doesn't have a complex about his father or grandfather, went into a different line of work, and has a very different life than either of them had at his age.  I just think of it as a nice tribute to the previous generations, and a story to have, almost like a family heirloom that would be passed down.   

  • as pp said i like the idea of giving a differnt middle name so u dont have to be a III .. 
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  • This LO will be the third because DH wanted to pass his name on.  We will call him Trey as a nickname.

    I think you have to do what you and your DH are comfortable/happy with.  Forget what other people say.

    I dont get why people think is you name your child jr or III, etc that they wont have their own personality....IMO every child has their own personality regardless of name.  I know people who are not jr or III and they try to be like their parent...not because of name but because of how they were raised and the expectations they feel were put on them.

    My DH is a jr and it did not make him want to be like his dad, they are very different people who just happen to have the same name.

    If you are not 100% on board with the name...talk to your DH.  maybe there is a compromise (pass on 1st name only, add a 2nd middle name,  a nickname you can use daily, etc)

  • I agree with pp about going with what you want. I totally don't buy that your son will strive to be like his father just because of a name. If your DH is a good father (and I'm sure he will be :) -- your son will likely want to emulate him bc of that rather than a name. 
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  • I absolutely hate the whole "Jr." thing and I would never do that to my child.  I actually think it's selfish and egotistical for a man to want (or sometimes even demand) that a son be named after him.  Anyway, to answer your question, no, I would not do a Jr and especially not a III. Just use your DH's name as a middle name.

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  • My son will be a third. Like the pp, we plan to call him Tre. I wasn't the biggest fan of family names originally, but my husband just loooooves being a Junior. It means a lot to him, and he just genuinely loves having his father's name. Seeing his love for his name convinced me that it's the right choice for us.  I'm pretty excited about it now. I'm glad we chose something so meaningful rather than just a random name we liked. It's a personal decision for you and your husband to make together!


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