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Lower abdominal cramps/pressure?

I'm 16 weeks, and I'm noticing some pressure and light cramping when I bend over or have my legs curled up to my chest, not sure if this is just me feeling my uterus getting bigger or if it's just common discomforts of pregnancy, any one else having this symptom?
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Re: Lower abdominal cramps/pressure?

  • I have cramps all the time. Some days are worse than others, but I have a bit of cramping every day. I sometimes notice that I have tons of cramping for a couple of days and then a big growth spurt. My OB says I'm to expect these pains the whole time (FTM and twins), so I'm trying not to worry. Also, rest and lots of water seems to help. 

    I'm really freaked out about PTL, so I constantly ask the OB about the pains. He says I'm to be concerned if the cramps are coming in waves or if I experience bleeding, leaking, or a fever.  

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  • I had this cramping at 16 weeks and went in to my doctor to make sure everything was ok and it turns out it is perfectly normal and it is just stretching. baby is going through a growth spurt!
  • but, they do say that if you have constant cramping that doesn't go away when you change position or move around then you should call your doctor. Best to be safe!
  • I cramp if I sit with my legs scrunched up (like on the couch) and then stand up or if I notice I'm bending over a lot too.  I was told it was totally normal and it's just things shifting around in there or my ligaments getting a stretch. 
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  • Sounds normal to me. I get cramps daily. As long as there is no bleeding, no other sumptoms and the cramp passes within a couple minutes, I don't worry. Often it helps to stretch out and drink a big glass of water. The RLP has even caught my DH off guard when I suddenly double over in pain that takes my breath away. It's the joy of your LO growing and your body doing it's job.
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  • Thanks ladies! I was pretty sure it was just growing pains but it's nice toy hear it from others going thought the same thing! 
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  • I have been cramping almost everyday the entire pregnancy so far. The OB said it's normal, and unless it becomes more like regular contractions, it's just growing and there's nothing to worry about.
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  • I posted about this at about 16 weeks. My doc said it was normal and to keep exercising.

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  • I've been having these cramps and tightenings but have read enough to figure they were just the result of everything growing and expanding. This is my first pregnancy so I was wondering, is the baby strong enough to make you feel it stretch yet? I can feel rolls and kicks already but wasn't sure if the baby had anything to do with the occasional aches and pains...

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  • Yeah, have a lot of dull cramping, I feel like I have to change position all the time, it's rather uncomfortable. I think it's just growing pains?
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