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10 week ultrasound question

I have my first ultrasound next week when i'll be exactly 10 weeks. DH and I are very excited, but I'm just a little curious about something. For those of you who have had 'early' ultrasounds, have they been internal (transvaginal) or external? It doesn't matter either way, although I'd rather have the external just for comfort.

Thank you for any input you have! TGIF!

Re: 10 week ultrasound question

  • I had an U/S at 6 wks 6 days and it was external. We also heard / saw the HB. Hope this helps Big Smile


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  • I had a transvaginal u/s at 5w6d (it wasn't uncomfortable at all for me). On Tuesday at 10w0d I had an abdominal u/s... from what I've heard, it depends on your OB, but the earlier you get one done, it can be easier to see everything with transvaginal

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  • Tt all depends on your OB. Im 12 weeks and the only ultrasounds Ive had have been internal. I guess if your OB has a latest u/s machines it may be external. Its different with every OB. Good Luck!! :)
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  • It all depends on the OB. My first was at 9 and a half weeks and it was internal. My second was at 11 weeks (switched doctors) and that was also internal. I had my nt scan a couple days ago which was the first time I had one on my abdomin.
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  • It really does just depend on your OB. We were told today at our Baby Orientation/first appointment (really wasn't anything) that our 1st ultrasound will be done between 10-12 weeks and it would be an internal ultrasound.

    So, some might have external and some might have internal, just depends on your OB and their practice and what they prefer.

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  • They are internal. They normally don't do an external one until your 2nd trimester
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  • I had one at 6 wks - it was internal

    I had one today at 12w6d- he tried external and we did see some images but when for the internal to get some good looks at the baby

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    At 8 weeks I had an abdominal U/S (external). I would say mostly likely at 10 weeks you will have the same as it should be far enough along to see everything. I could clearly see my little peanut and saw and heard HB of 166. I know of some offices that do transvag until 12 weeks though, but typically they do this more if there are problems. 
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  • Congrats! 

    We just had our first U/S yesterday ( 5 1/2 weeks along ) and we had a vaginal one and it really isn't bad at all. It's just a bit uncomfortable, but it does not hurt at all. 

    I wish you the best! 

    (We go back in next week and hopefully we can see the heartbeat! )

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  • Mine was external at 6wk2d but we had thought I was wk later than that before they measured me at the u/s.
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  • I have actually had 4 already and they were all transvaginal, the last one i had was because of a discharge scare. We were able to see the baby and heartbeat through and external, but since the ob ordered a transvaginal one, the lady did it too. It was just a better view. However we get out CVS testing and u/s in 2 weeks and they said it will be external.
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