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Stupid Question?

This may seem really stupid, but my sister is a PA and is always telling me this stuff and I never can tell if she is messing with me or not!

Anyway... she recently told me (while I was poking around on my belly to get baby to move) that I shouldn't poke him because I might hit the soft spot on his head and cause brain damage. Now I know she was probably exaggerating a bit with the brain damage, but the soft spot part seemed to make sense.

So the question is: Can I harm my baby in anyway by poking him back when I feel him up against the outside of my belly? And could I really hit the soft spot on his head?


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Re: Stupid Question?

  • I hope not.  My dog has stepped on my belly a few times during the pregnancy.  He's tiny (chihuahua mix) so I never worried about it.  In fact, I think they pressed harder on my tummy during my mid-pregnancy ultrasound.

    I think the baby is pretty cushioned in there and you'd probably have to poke pretty hard, but you can hold off on poking just in case.  Maybe check with your doctor if you are worried.

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  • Babies can survive car accidents, so I think you're safe with just prodding your own stomach. :)

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  • I seriously doubt you can harm the baby with that- you'd have to be poking pretty rough and pretty deep.  I think ii's more just the movement of your belly that makes baby move.
  • I don't think you have anything to worry about! It always amazes me how jar they poke my stomach at ultra sounds! 
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  • hijoihijoi
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    Nah, they're pretty well protected in there.  If not, I'd have a huge lawsuit settlement from every u/s tech that has ever done an u/s on me, and every nurse that hooked me up to the NST monitors! Stick out tongue  Those people poke and prod like nobody's business!
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  • Doubt it.  When I had my A/S the tech had me poking and prodding on my belly to get the baby to move around.
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  • lol no...next time you are at your ob ask them to tell you how your baby is positioned in your womb...see how they feel your belly to check...I bet its with more force then you ever poked your belly!

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  • I seriously doubt it. The baby is very protected. At least, I hope that's the case....the u/s techs I've had have really dug in there hard lol.
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  • I have ultrasounds every two weeks and NSTs on the other weeks and the techs are constantly poking at my stomach to get the baby to move.  They have even mentioned before that it won't hurt anything.  Even at my last appointment, my OB told me how paranoid she was during all of her pregnancies and used to poke and shake her stomach all the time to get them to move.
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