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can babies get strep?

So, the last 2 days or so I havent been feeling all that hot, figured it was just the weather because it keeps going from hot to cold.  Today, I have the dreaded white bumps in my throat, strep.  I havent had strep in almost 7 years.  My husband has had it 6 times since November, and his tonsils are coming out at this end of this month.  (Can I get a hooray for a new baby and a big baby husband? lol)  But, I have been loving on and kissin on LO for the last few days and now Im freaking out!!!  Will she be ok, has anyone else been through this??  Thanks!
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Re: can babies get strep?

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    My 4yo had it last week and the nurse said it is unusual for a baby to get it. Are you breastfeeding? If so, baby will get antibodies through your milk, making it even less likely. Feel better. 
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  • I'd just keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn't start getting a fever or any symptoms. And take her to the doctor if you even think she might be getting sick. I don't know if babies can get strep or not, but my guess would be probably. I would think that babies can get any kind of sickness we can get, only it would be way more severe in a baby! I've been worrying about my 3-week-old getting sick, since it is cold season :/ 
  • yes but it's rare in the under 2 set UNLESS they have been directly exposed per my pedi - good luck.  I hope you feel better quickly and that your LO doesn't get it.
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