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3 week growth spurt Q

My LO is 3 weeks old as of yesterday (: the night before that he kept my SO and I up all night long! He wasn't poopy or wet and he definitely wasn't hungry (since he was in the middle of eating). He would just whine and wimper and whine some more! :/ It was so sad to me because I thought maybe he was just uncomfortable ): 

Could it have been growing pains??? 

Re: 3 week growth spurt Q

  • That is exactly what it sounds like! My LO is going through a growth spurt right now too (she is 8w3d). I think she is almost over it but when it first started she would fuss while feeding and then would fuss immediately when she was finished too. She has been going through this for about a week and a half now and seems to be getting much better, but she still gets fussy for no reason so I'm guessing the pains are still hanging around. :(
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    Maybe it's the weed.....


    Sorry no paragraphs, bumping from my phone.
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    Maybe it's the weed.....



    Seriously Trissa, this is a board for women that love their babies, not women that expose their children to drugs.

  • I love my baby...I only smoked a few freaking times! And I am mostly formula feeding, only breastfeed like 2 or 3 times a day, if he'll even take the breast. I'm not smoking anymore, jeez people. If you can't even answer to what I am posting about, then just leave me alone. 

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