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Are you kidding??

So I went in for my glucose test, of course I was nervous.  They made me drink that "delightful" drink and then I had an appointment with my doctor during my hour wait before my bloodtest.  We did all the usual, only gained 3 pounds this month, so YAY!  Then the big holy cow came...she measured me and I was measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule!!!  3 freakin' weeks!!  So she scheduled me for an ultrasound in two weeks and we'll see her growth then.  I thought I would be super excited to see my baby girl early, but now I'm second guessing it.  I'm actually freaking out a little bit!!  There is just no way I was off by that much...

Anyone else have something similar?  Where the doc measured you ahead and it turned out you were right on time??  Or where you were measured ahead and you really were ahead?


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Re: Are you kidding??

  • My dates are right on because we did IUI. I consistently measure 4-6 cm big every time. I did have a u/s just to check and everything was fine. It is normal to be 2 above or below, so I would say 3 is just fine. My little man is also laying sideways and only 1!

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  • I measured right on time during my ultrasound, but then measured two weeks bigger at my midwife appointment right after, so I guess there's always some fluctuation :)
  • My date may not be exactly accurate (who's is, really?), but LO has consistently measured 2 weeks ahead and I know my date isn't off by that much. She's just a big baby :)

    I totally expected this, by the way. My siblings and I were all big (I was the smallest at 8-6, one brother was 9+) and I know DH was over 9 and his siblings were hefty too. It was just inevitable that my kids would be on the larger side.  

    ETA:  We were pretty long, too. 21+ inches. Do big babies run on either side of your family? 

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  • I'm thinking she is just big...there are no big babies on my side and my husband has no idea.  But he is 6'4 and I am only 5'4, so we are thinking she is tall like her daddy and I'm just too short to handle it!  haha! 

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    I wouldn't read into it too much.  I think it really depends on how your carrying.  At my last ultrasound, baby girl was pretty much right on track.  But I'm a tiny person, so just measuring my belly would make it seem she's much bigger than she is. 

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