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Hi!  I'm new here but have a question...

I am about 9 weeks pregnant....had a U/S two weeks ago and heard the heartbeat and saw the sac....I'm going again on Thursday and hope to have another because I'm very nervous about miscarrying, as I've had one before...I've been super nauseous and sick, but today felt better...should I be worried there's something wrong with the baby?  The doctor says relax, but I'm so nervous because of my previous loss...

 I'm sorry if this sounds foolish,I just want everything to be okay.... 

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  • My symptoms come and go, so you may just be having a free day! Enjoy it, and try not to worry too much. If you're super worried, just call your doctor's office.

  • I agree - if you're feeling good enjoy it! And EAT! I wish that I was feeling well enough to have a large meal right now... Take advantage of it, because you have to take care of yourself the best way you know how :)

    Good luck and H&H 9 months to you!

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    It's understandable to feel nervous and concerned, especially after having had a m/c. I'm sure you'll receive great news at your next appt. Good Luck ;)

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