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Ergo vs Beco

I have been reading a lot of the reviews on Amazon to figure out which one I want to get.... I figured I would ask you all for some advice.  If you have one of these or have tried both, which do you prefer and why?  I have a Bjorn, but have heard about how bad it is for the baby's hips so was thinking of getting one of these.  

My LO hates the Bjorn anyway but, I am worried she won't like these carriers either.  We have the Ktan right now and she LOVES it.  


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Re: Ergo vs Beco

  • I tried the Beco for several weeks but found it didn't have support I needed on my hips and for my big baby  .Also I live in hot climate so the Ergo has been more comfortable . PLus I love the hood you can put over the baby when  its's sleeping or want to block out stimulation. I also found the straps on the beco annoying . I know there are some stores where you can try out the different carriers and see how they feel before you buy one. 
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  • I just went and compared these two at a local shop that carries both brands. (Go to Beco's website and you can find retailers.) I found the Ergo and Beco Gemini to be almost identical in basic design (hip straps, etc.).

    The Ergo has the hood that pp mentioned. Some have a zippered pouch in front. The outer fabric was thinner than the Beco. You need a separate infant insert for the Ergo as well. 

    That being said, I chose the Beco. No need for an additional insert -- it's built into the design of the carrier. The outer fabric has some padding, making it more firm than the Ergo. I live in the south, but any carrier is going to be warm with a little body right up against you. Also, the Beco has a button on the hip strap in addition to piece you squeeze to release the strap -- some may find this cumbersome, but I liked the extra safety that provides, and it's easy to do with one hand. And once baby is big enough, she'll be able to face out when worn on the front -- something you can't do with the Ergo.  

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  • i don't have any experience with the Ergo, but i just got my Beco Gemini this week, and LOVE it.  LO prefers to face outward. she doesn't have enough head control for that yet, but when she does i want that option (despite what people say about it not being good for them, she's not carried for long durations).  i have heard that the Ergo isn't great for short people, but again, no idea personally.

    google brings up some old bump posts if you type in ergo vs beco

  • I have a Beco Butterfly 2 and love it. No experience with an Ergo.
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  • I love my Beco Butterfly two.  You can switch from front to back or from person to person without taking the baby out.  It comes with a newborn infant insert and you can use it up to 45 pounds so it lasts for a long time.  I can wear it for hours and my back doesn't hurt and it has good support.  
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