Missed period while breastfeeding... Pregnant?

So, here is the story:


I started my period after 4 months after DD was born (breastfeeding exclusively), and have had regular cycles (30-31 days) for the last 5 months. This month (month 9) DD is eating purees 3xday and 1-2 bottles per day, she BFs about 3x day (including at night). I am SEVEN DAYS LATE, going on EIGHT. I have taken (a few) HPTs with negative results. I am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and if they can shed some light on what's going on.

 ** I could potentially be 5ish weeks along if I AM pregnant and have read that HPTs may not read positive until 6ish weeks, but have two children and never experienced low HCG levels.

** I could just be missing a period?? But, why? I'm not stressed and nothing has changed (no extreme weight changes, no eating differences, no sex differences, no prior issues with thyroid, etc...)

Re: Missed period while breastfeeding... Pregnant?

  • At first it sounded like you were pregnant....but if your periods are regular and you're 7 days late, I would be surprised at that not showing up on a HPT.  Sorry I don't have more advice or insight...

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  • I would say not pregnant. It is normal to have irregular periods while nursing. What are you using for birth control? I didn't have any period after my older DS until he was completely weaned at 14 months old.

    This time, I'm on the mirena. I had one period when baby was about 6 months old and then I didn't have my period return until after baby's first birthday. Then I just started again and it has been 38 days since the last one. So I'd say it's pretty normal especially when baby is under 1 year old.


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  • This happened to me... I am pregnant. I guess I O'ed later?

    Took two weeks to get a hpt to say + 


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  • WipzWipz
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    Did you use a digital test or the manual one... the digitals show up earlier as they have different hormone detection levels. 
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  • My little one is going to be 11mo old in period returned in March and was normal then got another one in April, also normal. He nurses 3-4 times per day which is a huge deduction from what he was doing 3 or 4 months ago. Now I am a week late for this month. I have taken 3 HPT and they were all negative...not sure whats the deal.

    So did you end up being pregnant or not?
  • What is the answer? Anyone end up pregnant? I'm in the same position. Periods returned at 4mo, have been regular for the last 5 mo. Barrier method only. Now over a week late. HPT negative, only taken one.
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