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Super slow eater: let her eat or cut her off?

I know that if they are not eating (being picky, etc) I've heard to set a timer and then the meal is over. But what if they are just really, really slow, but still eating and enjoying? DD takes FOREVER to eat these days. The rest of us are fast eaters, so it drives us all nuts. We were just at Five Guys and DS and I were done and she was happily taking 5 minutes for each bite. He kept saying "Can we go now, Mom?" I try giving her warnings (5 minutes until we are done, etc.) and telling her to eat, but she is just content to take her time and freaks out if we try to take her food away prematurely. 


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Re: Super slow eater: let her eat or cut her off?

  • I would just let her keep going.  With how hard it is to get many toddlers to eat, you should be happy. lol.  If you are out to eat then simply expalin to her that you are going to get it to go and let her finish when she gets home.  I have 4 kids and they all went through a 'slow eat' phase.  SD use to hold the food in her mouth for 15 min at a time for each bite.  I wanted to rip my hair out. Hope it passes quickly!
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  • i would say take it away.... eventually (and hopefully soon) she will learn that she needs to eat faster if she wants to eat it all.... and she will learn that she gets hungry faster when she doesn't eat it all at meal time, so eventually she will connect the two and eat more/faster at her set meal time.....

     this is what i have had to do with my daycare kids because one of the girls sat for 2 1/2 hours one day eating the way you described which made her cranky later on in the day because she missed nap time.... and everything snowballed from there..... once i started telling her meal time was over it only took about a week for her to realize that she needed to eat faster so she wasn't hungry later..... hope this helps

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  • I would let her keep going. Eating slow is actually better for you.
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  • DS1 is the sloooowest eater ever, especially when we're out to eat. We let him go, though sometimes we'll pack up whatever's left over for later.
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