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Pack 'n Play?

What are your opinions on the pack and play? They seem like they would be great but at the same time I'm wondering how long the LO would actually be using it before they needed something bigger?
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Re: Pack 'n Play?

  • I am getting a pnp to basically use as a portable crib.  For things like when we want to hang out at a friend's past LO's bedtime, when we are away for the weekend, etc.  our friends have all used them for the same purpose until Their LOs were two or so.
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  • I got one for DD and didn't use it.  At that time we lived in a ranch - so the bassinet & crib were not too far.  My parents & DHs parents each have PNPs so we never took it anywhere.   We kept it around for DS & used it as a changing area and sometimes for naps because we moved to a 2-story house.  We could have EASILY done without it for both kids.  
  • I think it depends on the family.  We barely used ours.  It's certainly an item you could hold off on buying and if you find you have a big need for it, Craigslist is swarming with them.
  • It's been a necessity for us, but it just depends on your needs.  We travel a lot so our PNP has gotten a ton of use.  DS also slept in the bassinet of the PNP, in our room, for the first few months and we're doing that again now with baby #2.
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  • DD1 is still using hers at 2y.  She uses it everyday at daycare, at my moms and when we travel.
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  • Depends on the family.  I like having a sleeping/changing station on the first floor as it prevents my having to go upstairs to the nursery every time my son needs a diaper change.  We also use it while traveling 
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  • image Ainslie325:
    Depends on the family.  I like having a sleeping/changing station on the first floor as it prevents my having to go upstairs to the nursery every time my son needs a diaper change.  

    Ditto this.

    Also, I had a c section so it was really helpful that first few weeks to not have to keep going up stairs. 

  • We haven't had our baby yet, but the first thing we bought was a pnp. I was on craigslist just after finding out we were expecting and saw a nearly new pnp with the changing station for $20!

    Our house is TINY and we don't have the money to rent anything bigger so our master bedroom is going to be the nursery as well. and the pnp fits great in a little nook in our bedroom. We're hoping it's going to work out for us =)


    Good luck!

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  • I have this Graco TotBlock and we use it all the time. We used a rock n play for sleeping when DS was a newborn and not yet in his crib so we had no use for a newborn napper station. This one is quite large but folds up small and I can unpack and repack it in under 30 seconds almost one handed. We have it set up in the living room pretty much all the time as a play area for when we have to go do something and can't have an eye on him like going potty. He has plenty of room to crawl around and play in it. We use it for his bed while we travel and he sleeps fine in it. It's a little pricey but the size makes it useful for much longer than a regular pack and play. Only issue I have is finding sheets for it, since it's not a typical bassinet size. The sheets on amazon are a little pricey but luckily I havent really had a need for sheets yet.


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  • It does depend on your lifestyle and needs. My 2.5 year old still naps in ours at my MIL's house. It has been a necessity for us.
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  • I love our PNP and cannot imagine life without it. Like PP said, I think it just depends on your lifestyle. LO sleeps in it in our room and then it goes with us when we go to grandma and grandpa's house and we figured we could use it longer than we could a bassinet.
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